Flying saucer flying over Baofeng, China – July 2013

UFO videos – New footage of a disc-shaped object slowly flying across the night sky above Baofeng in China. This was recorded in July 2013.
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Suspected UFO In China Turned Out To Be A Device From A Bakery

Not much stir was created with the news about the Shandong guy who stated he possessed an alien and stored it in the freezer. However, a little UFO hovering above Shanghai’s Huangpu River received some attention lately until it had been revealed as a cake delivery service.

The extra-terrestrial excitement turned out to be as an initiative of a lazy man of the InCake Bakery and they’ve published a video of the airborne cake-deliverer doing its work.

China Daily reported that a nearby cake delivery company has been sending its products across the river through a remote controlled planes.

According to the bakery, the suspected “UFO” measures 1.1 meters long and weighs 10 kilograms. It entered the Huangpu River in a 45-minute journey to provide a cake to a customer. The unit can fly up to 100 meters in altitude.

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  1. This video is very short, for this reason it´s hard to give a comment. Yes, there´s a light going down, but later, ¿ What happen ?

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