Interesting daytime UFO video recorded over San Antonio, Texas 29-Jun-2013

UFO sightings – New daytime video of a bright unidentified flying object flying across the sky above San Antonio in Texas. This was taken on Saturday, 29th June 2013.

Witness report: Using the SKYFISHING Technique…Wich involves leaving a video camera recording with some reference points,then reviewing later..In hopes of capturing something out of the ordinary.
…Camera was left recording for 30 min..At one point an Orb comes into view traveling North..This orb was captured only for a couple of seconds..You will clearly see this U.F.O traveling low in altitude with some reference points such as tree top’s.This time i manage to get some nice/steady Footage.You can clearly see this U.F.O traveling on its own power…..After reviweing the footage several times,Using filters such as Contrast/Slowed 1/4 speed/100XZOOM a U.F.O ORB can be observed…In my opinoin this Orb is clearly not an aircraft or weatherballoons/satellite.Orb was traveling low altitude and on its own power not blown by the wind…

Author (SAUFOTX @ youtube)

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  1. Interesting, clearly not a regular aircraft/balloon etc. Too vague to make any positive ID so…yes it is an Unidentified Flying Object.

  2. Tired of looking at a orbe never a clear picture. So what are they? Really the gov will say what we want to hear, never the truth do let us see what happens.

  3. wish we could see it clearer, the close-up was too blury but it did not look like any of our air craft and it did not move like a balloon, just not clear enough

  4. Is anyone wondering why he was filming in that direction before the orb showed up directly in his frame? Looks like a set up or photoshop job to me.

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