Latest crop circles: Czech Republic & United Kingdom – July 2013

– July 11; Ustek, Czech Republic

– July 13; Hoden near Evesham, Worcestershire, UK

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  1. Dear Linda Moulton Howell, PLEASE give us your FULL spin on your Crop Circle studies in the last few decades!!?(I have to say there is a connection of blatant signs of the "E.T.s" trying to show us "They" are visiting AND are going to increase, without any harm to the rest.) There may [YES] be crop circle hoaxes, not to be taken seriously.[Think good thoughts. they use

  2. Let's see even a SINGLE man-made crop circle construction/duplication of a complex pattern 'alien' crop circle;to be performed on video, in daylight conditions, in ONE day, and using any kind of surveying instruments, mechanical forming devices of your choice- this challenge has NEVER been answered by the 'man-made proponents, cover-up people,or denying skeptics !!! MI.

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