Leaked UFO Documents Obtained by Edward Snowden

According to the leaked documents obtained by Snowden, government has long been aware that UFOs are much more advanced than mankind.

Edward Snowden, the source of the leaked NSA surveillance documents, was awarded asylum in Venezuela on 5th of July 2013, Friday. Snowden is now more than willing to share government secret documents to the world with safe shelters in sight.

In one of his testimonies, he said that the highest levels of government still do not have concrete plan to handle UFOs. Snowden continued that high level government officials know that UFOs are not weather balloons or natural phenomena. If only the documents could speak, it would tell that the high ranking government officials are certain that the UFOs are guided with intelligence beyond human understanding, according to the leaker.

Snowden further revealed that the most credible and unexplainable UFO sightings are of those involving vehicles that have been noticed leaving the sea floor at hydrothermal vents and travelled directly towards the solar orbit.

Scientists cannot access the data about these mysterious objects because tracking systems of ballistic missile and sonar on deep sea are considered as state secrets, according to Snowden. However, many of the contractors at DARPA strongly believe that there is life in the mantle of the Earth, more advanced and intelligent than Home sapiens. Snowden added that the theory is possible because Earth’s mantle conditions are quite stable even after billions of years.

Extremophiles may live in a totally different temperatures than human but they are able to develop intelligence. However, Snowden said that it is not true that they develop intelligence faster than humanity. They are only seemed to be faster because they do not have many of the vicissitudes which impede life in the surface.

Snowden disclosed that the president receives daily update about their activities and analysts are convince that their technology is much better and advanced than mankind in which we only have a little chance if war happens between them and us.

Snowden noted that the general sentiment is that these other beings are considering humans just like ants. This is the reason why they do not bother to empathize or communicate with humans, according to Snowden.

He said that the recent contingency plan of the government is to detonate nuclear weapons in deep caverns hoping to sting the enemy, which mankind have no chance of destroying. The plan hopes it would prevent further attacks.

Meanwhile, critics would say that Snowden revelations are not new when it comes to aliens and UFOs.

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  1. I a surprised that credible news outlets abroad are not stating this if it were true. US news sources are U.S. government-corporate controlled and thus not credible.

  2. this site is getting more and more fake… i think i will delete this site…to post such a ridicilous claim…without a source..i just wrong…

  3. It would be nice if this had been written in intelligible English. I can barely understand what the writer is trying to say. Some of the sentences are essentially meaningless.

  4. We have a new comit you may want to look at called(ISON).I do not worry about UFOs.Do you worry about the day your lord comes back?Knowthing you can do anyway.D.Morris.

  5. we only have a little chance if war happens between them and us.<br /><br />Do we not understand that war is merely a Judah construct to shake us down? High level powers do not make war and this is understood by the people in the know. Have our elders not magnified their imperfections enough for us to see how wrongful are the Judah folk to us? <br /><br />The only people who continue to make war

  6. I am a UFOlofist and Field Investigator for Mufon. The Government has been keeping the knowledge of UFO&#39;s secret for one thing. The aliens have mastered the art of anti gravity and they show this with their ability to hover, accelerate at tremendous speeds,they have a propulsion system that would make fossil fuel obsolete.The bottom line is the dollar. Government officals say they don&#39;t

    • if you are a field investigator for MUFON, why is your name not here. why do you want to remain anonymous? i am deathly afraid of atomic bombs to be put into caverns. have we all gone completely mad?


    • LOL! <br /><br />You run for office, win, then they bring into a room and shut the door to tell you how THINGS REALLY ARE.

  8. Let&#39;s get those nuclear bombs detonated in all those underground caverns! We will show them! Where is North Korea when you need him? Let&#39;s draw different sizes of sticks to see who gets to set the Ring Of Fire ablaze by setting off nuclear weapons at every active volcano around it. (I am glad Snowden is talking. Can you imagine the mentality of the greatest minds in the U.S.A. want to

  9. This is ridiculous. What they are really talking about is if you play Snowden&#39;s interview backwards (according to Jon Kelly) he speaks of UFOs. <br />SE

    • Janet, crap, I&#39;m too late, the comment was taken off before I got a chance to read it. What did he say to get you all upset??<br />

    • he was promoting slate countertops for homes. i was astounded that there was a comment for that here at a ufo site. i blasted lufos for it. they removed it, (not necessarily cause of my blasting) and then i removed my comment!

    • Oh, On the contrary. You post your site. You will get responses because This site is cutting edge.[I hope the one YOU posted, is, also.] &quot; A Rose is a ROSE&quot; Please respect this site in the future. (Even if we do show a Chinese Lantern now, and then.) O.K.?

  10. Outside of the &quot;undersea bases&quot; what else is really new? So the government knows about them and don&#39;tmknow what to do about them…Duh!!!

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