Surveillance cameras capture UFOs!

[direct translate from Spanish] Carlos Clemente presents new UFO recording technique which is carried out using surveillance cameras. Their results have yielded new evidence on the strange objects across the sky or appear suddenly on some places.

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  1. Rather than being a trail behind the black object, in my opinion it shows the strange "blurring" effect seen with some UFO's which I myself have seen happen while witnessing a daylight disc.

    • Fascinating stuff, there should be more of this camera technique scattered around.<br />Keep it coming, we may get some satisfactory answers yet,

    • I remember a video also from Mexico, where the camera was filming a metallic disc hovering in the air, at regular speed it seemed to disappear, but when the video was slowed down it actually took off to the left at incredible speed and left a heat trail that could plainly be seen. That was very interesting.

    • Surely you are not saying all these images are birds? Don&#39;t want to believe?<br />I have seen 2 similar objects at different times, at night, standing still in the sky. Each time I facetiously waved at them and they immediately disappeared, just like a light being switched off. Don&#39;t ask me what they were, but they certainly were not birds. Of course only my word for that.

  2. If this is a new &quot;method&quot; with some sophistication, why is the image quality still so bad that we have to look at pixel objects?

  3. I noticed the trail coming from the back of the craft too, and I thought that it resembled some kind of exhaust of whatever it was being run on. It looked remotely controlled, with perhaps some speed added to the film to make it look as though the object was moving faster than what was originally caught on film.

  4. Come on people…this has been the same method of capturing sightings with UFO&#39;s for decades, yet, the quality, along with the excuses for it, are still poor and utterly useless. lol why in the world would aliens be chillin out in our airspace for so long? intelligent life, pfft. Go home UFO, your drunk! As for the optimist&#39;s that walk the earth with us everyday…sorry…what you see is

  5. Kool.Cant speek spanish.Only english and the writting is to fast for me to read.No i am not a robot.Wish i was would have never got cancer or asbestosis.

  6. I wish someone would tell me what bird or insect that is being recorded, the one that is perfectly round or square? I would like to know which bird or insect also glows with it own light? I mean other than the firefly. Are they aliens? I don&#39;t know, but a bird or a bug, that is even more ridiculous than a bird or bug explanation.

  7. why are everyone so skeptic about ufo,s they are going to return but not to harm us then the government cant say wheather ballons anymore

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