Triangle UFO hovering above Tampa, Florida 5-Jul-2013

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting footage of a triangle-shaped craft was recorded in the night sky above Tampa in Florida on 5th July 2013.

Witness report: On July 5th, 2013 in Tampa, Florida I observed an unidentified flying object above the Veterans Expressway toll plaza. This is the video from that night…

Author (TheGuitarFamily @ youtube)

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  1. If you want any kind of credibility, don't add spooky audio to your video. It doesn't help, nor does any kind of editing unless its a close up or slow motion to see the craft or object better.

  2. Could have been even better had you actually filmed the craft when it was closest to you but instead we get a great shot of the floormats. How big was this craft?

  3. that was a dangerous thing you did, while you're driving. that being said, you should have pulled over to film in a stationary position.

  4. All these UFO shot are tri-angled.It must be there new 2013 model.Got rid of all the old ones.?All over the world ther tri-angled.

  5. The ET craft flew over the toll booth in order to avoid paying the toll. Maybe they didn't have exact change.

  6. Stationed on MacDill AFB for 3 years, drove every day from Riverview…very familiar with that road (and tolls!). That&#39;s a plane. He doesn&#39;t mention Tampa International is just North of that toll road, the direction the &#39;object&#39; is heading. Fail.<br />~YDLS

  7. YEAH…BIG problem, just like YDLS says, That&#39;s one of the two approach flight lines to TIA that&#39;s just south of Hillsborough Ave.

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