UFO activity over Pines, Texas 30-Jun-2013

New video of a bright unidentified flying objects hovering in the night sky above Pines in Texas. This was recorded on Sunday, 30th June 2013.

Witness report: At 10:20 PM at Lake, O the Pines TX, two UFOs appear above the water. I filmed as they raised in altitude. At about 10:25 PM the objects disappear without a trace. This is an ongoing occurrence that has been observed multiple times, and is still going on today.

Author (EastTexasUFOs @ youtube)

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  1. They are plasma ball orb, inside is Zeta operated, it looks like a zeta head in a lufa sponge of emotion of purebliss, love. I am a CE5/8

  2. Ignore that comment above. Some peoples lives must be so boring that the only excitement they get is to trawl through sites like this making brain-dead comments!<br /><br />Great footage! I wish I had a &#39;Lake O the Pines&#39; near me here in Australia. Keep those eyes on the skies! And make sure to post your results. In spite of that one negative comment, so far you have impressed 55 viewers

  3. just got done seeing the exact same thing at about 4am on 8/13. there are three of them. I live on Lake o the Pines.It seems they are back again. also 2 other people saw them with me.

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