UFO Sighting Photographs Above English Town of Hull

Someone sent pictures of lights to the Hull Daily Mail newspaper which she states behaved inexplicably and were very vibrant. She’s convinced she captured pictures of an unidentified flying object (UFO).

East Hull resident Jean Dearing mentions that on Monday evening, she was bringing her wash when she observed travelling lights and shapes in the horizon. She says it was nearly a fan-shaped object and half the size of the moon. She adds that it had been so vibrant.

Dearing continues that she dashed directly into her camera and when she looked up again, the strange object was moving in a clockwise circular motion. It then sharply moved downwards and then back upwards.

Dearing says that she attempted to use the video mode of her camera but her hands were trembling because of excitement, and so she just aimed on the UFO and clicked. The mysterious object then rose higher in the sky at great speed and disappeared.

Dearing states she never witnessed a UFO before, but she believes she captured one on camera on Monday evening. She hopes that other people saw the mysterious display of lights in the evening sky and come out to share the strange event.

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