Unknown lights seen and filmed over Petaluma, California 17-Aug-2013

Orbs of light, some in triangle formation, appeared in the sky above Petaluma, California on the night of August 17, 2013. Petaluma is about 30 minutes north of San Francisco. Dozens of drivers pulled off of Highway 101 and got out of their cars to witness this impressive sighting.

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  1. this is getting out of hand,people saying that the lights they see are always in a triangle formation! this wasn't any triangle! just a bunch of singular lights. and why did the man stop his film after only 46 seconds and after saying bobby come here?

  2. These orbs are real. We see them atm (21.08.13) in Germany for 3 Days now. The Activity increases every day. ABSOLUTELY NO FAKE!<br />

  3. They look a lot like Chinese lanterns to me. For Frank Hustle, you can throw 3 darts at the wall and you&#39;d have a triangle, any time 3 lights can be seen in the sky people recognize a triangle, it&#39;s ridiculous. It&#39;s different if the lights can be seen to be part of a larger vehicle, and there are no navigation lights.

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