A UFO In Close Proximity Between Two Planes

A video showing a UFO has brought some intrigues because of the close proximity of it to two planes.The object can be seen in a video flying at similar speed as the planes. The footage was uploaded by LookNowTV in August 2013. Some viewers even think that the mysterious object is refueling from one of the planes.

In the description of the video, LookNowTV says that the UFO sighting video was recorded in New Jersey shore from high floors of a luxury condominium. It is also explained that the videographer wasn’t able to keep the object and two planes in focus for a long period of time because they were all flying at tremendous speed. The person filming can be heard in the audio of the video speculating about government drones.

UFO skeptics support the drone theory because triangle-shape planes have been used by the military and seen by the public a couple of times already.

One commenter says that that the two planes were USAF DC10 extenders and the mysterious object was an experimental aircraft. She believes that the two planes were refueling the unusual flying object but she is also wondering why the activity took place in a very low altitude and in a built up area.

IRISHgamer speculates that the unknown object was a new stealth bomber and the government is keeping it a secret until it will retire the plane.

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  1. This thing was small,Between 2 Air Force Planes.Both the same kind.I would say they were testing a drown.And keep it in there sights.If maned you need a midget.No UFO.South of NJ.VA..Is an Air Force Base that lands Air Force One.

  2. With all the Hi -Tech Photo Shop stuff available in today's market, it is possible to show Moses parting the Red Sea in exquisite detail. Fuzzy images in a murky sky leave alot to fertile imaginations. Sooner or later the Crop Circle Crew will stop skulking around on the sly, under cover of darkness; and come out of thier celestrial closet. Bud Hardman is waiting.

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