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Your UFO reports: 22nd September –  29th September 2013
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Eastern cape South Africa – 29-09-2013
A milky white object with a glowing star in its belly hovered in the black skie before disapearing in thin air as if heavens have momentarly opened up and swallow it, this waz later discussed on facebook by a group of eastern cape citizens who have sighted this.

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Mainly in the north of Mauritius – 29 september 2013 at 21pm(mauritian time)
Hi I need your help.Actually a strange object was seen in the north of Mauritius yesterday at 21.00 pm(mauritian time)
There are conspiracies that it was an UFO.But I think it was a satelite maybe.Could you please confirm..
Here are some photos…some saw it as a circle and some saw it fly very fast,forming a line(3rd photo)
Here’s a video:

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Mesa, Arizona – 9/28/13. 11:30pm
Video link:

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Aberdeen, Scotland (AB11 8EU) – 27/09/2013, 21:30
Like a white hazy light just going back and fore for about 5 minutes, then it just disappeared.

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Minneapolis U.S – 25/09/2013
New stunning footage of a UFO that appears to be observing the activity inside the Minneapolis target fields which are fully lighted up at night time. The witness at first thought it was a star! Until it started moving it fairly changed his mind. This mysterious object is very high in the skies to be any toy, and its movements are not those of lanterns, Its colour is white and it at the start is very stationary..

Witness Statements: This is my second attempt to film this object. It came, hovered over the field and left but returned after about ten minutes. The hovering over the field was scary


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Sandbanks, Bournemouth UK – Tuesday 24th September 2013, 7 pm
Walking along Bournemouth Beach I saw another light suspended in the sky above Sandbanks, it didn’t move, it was static.


On fox News 9-23-13 @ 9 AM EST Etowah, TN
I saw a strange shape craft flying over the smoke on Kenya attack.

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Cupey Bajo, San Juan – September 23, 2013 at 7:30

I was right at the top of the hill going down towards my house when I noticed at the horizon a formation of lights (ref: Sept. 22, 2013 video where a ship is burning, just like that formation). I saw two of the lights turned on, the others were already visible. They were spaced out the size of a football field. I could not stop in the middle of the road, so I got home and went up the stairs to the roof, but they were not visible, I have been living in the same house for 26 years so these lights are not familiar in any way.

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Moon Twp – 9/22/13 and 9/23/13
I have a youtube channel under my name Shawn Parry, you have featured my videos on your website on 8/8/13 and 9/3/13. Now I have some incredible fireball orbs UFO videos, 2 videos on 9/22/13, one brilliant fireball UFO stare contest with me then moves and flys away, the 2nd video is a pulsating fireball ufo and already has more than 1,000 views in less than 24 hours. The third UFO fireball video is on 9/23/13 and is brilliant as well, it hovers for a few moments as I pick my head up above the camera and we both stare again for a few minutes, before it begins to move to my left changing colors and pulsating. Please see my You Tube channel under my name Shawn Parry and free to use any of the three videos I described or any others from my collection:

Shawn Parry
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Raleigh, Durham – 21/09/2013
This is amazing footage of high atmosphere white ufo’s passing overhead raleigh durham,
jorge vasquez records this amazing iphone footage and states: these lights were no planes, no one was ivan flash lights and going after all together and be stopped .. Some were quiet without moving and others are movian forward and back! Had never seen something! The color of light was very different and strong and soft became gently! Disappeared after some other stronger and stayed … Judge for yourself!

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Los Angeles County – 9/17/13 10:00 PM
This UFO was one of three that we filmed between 10:00 PM and 1:00 AM in the far Southwest skies. We were attracted to what at first appeared to be a distant star because of its rapid, bumble-bee motion. Videotaped on a fixed tripod with a manually focused Canon camcorder with an 88x zoom, this footage demonstrates fantastic changes in shape and color that take your breath away. We think that Ufologists will be intrigued by this remarkable catch.

We’ve pasted footage from You Tube at the bottom of the message box. Please enjoy.

Philip and Nicole
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Katy, Texas – 14th/Sep/2013
Parental Guidance: Strong Language!!!! This is the moment a family having a rest in their back yard witness lights they cannot identify, the objects throughout the video have constant-flickering-blinking lights white-red-orange and keep a constant position in tight nit groups, all the occupants that witnessed the sighting (ALL COULD NOT IDENTIFIED) were baffled. There is strong adult language due to the shock of the sighting!!!


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Antwerp, Belgium – september 3th – 20:30h
This is one of the things they do to recognise a fake plane. They often have a “passengers light stroke” also called “tell-tell white streak.
I have another video where it’s flying on it’s side with the passenger lights down at the bottom. Also the 3 Orbs you see on the tail and the amber color it has is a give-away.
I know these fake planes are not really accepted by a lot of people,
but believe me, it’s as real (or as fake) as it can get? These crafts are made out of plasma and change their light configuration in a wrong way and most of all they make it look like it’s an optical illusion that you see but always push it a bit over the edge …
I hope people will try to learn and understand more about these so called “fake planes”. They’re turning up in huge numbers, all around the world.

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Reading, PA – 11.00 AM 2006
Ok this is something my dad brother and me saw a few years ago and for some reason I’ve been thinking a lot of it lately and just want to know if there’s a explanation. We were doing work on a house I had just gotten done welding some pipe and I looked up straight up and there was this rectangle high in the sky it looked just like a parachute but it was multiple colors there was purple blue white I said something to my dad who was standing right beside me and he saw it as well there for a minute or two we were trying to figure out what it was because we quickly realized it wasn’t a parachute it was WAY to high to be a parachute and it wasn’t descending but staying at the same elevation and slowly traveling across the sky I don’t remember if it turned or went straight after a few minutes our necks were killing us and we had work to be done.

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  1. penny: that is Venus. Venus is now visible as the evening star low in the southwest just after sunset. you saying it did not move leads me to believe that it was Venus.

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