Amazing UFO video from Wittenberge, Germany 18-Sep-2013

These objects were sighted east of Wittenberg, Germany. It was filmed in full zoom and night sight modus. The filmer cannot explain this. He watched these UFOs for about 3 minutes before he got his camera. These UFOs are also known as TR-3B. Apperently they originate from the US Air Force but nobody could verify this so far.

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  1. dont think these are tr-3bs too alien looking great footage though keep an open mind on them though think might be extraterrestrial type craft.

  2. Looks quite fake. Especially when they bug out! This site is great entertainment but not really where we look for UFOs most if the videos are fake or UFOs. Keep up the good work a great place to spend mindless hours.

  3. oh my what was that? and are these things in the sky? i don't understand the background, it looks strange. is it land, water sky?? no man made object can take off like that. what is that other green dot? this video has many weird things to ask about it!!

  4. i can tell people here r loosing their objectivity..all the times comments r just wishes..people please wake up, remember 90% of those video r NOT alien saucers or so..alien saucers r real, anybody who studied the matter knows that, but please wake up..this video..come on..put a couple quadropters or so in the sky, no references, no more info..add cheap cgi, and put it on a website..please people

  5. the lack of reaction when it zipped off says it all. I don't care who or what you are… you would yell out "O MY F***ING GOD, DID YOU JUST SEE THAT ?!?!?!?!?!" if you saw that actually happen before your eyes. thnx for more junk, guys

  6. this was frustrating… commentary explaining about where he was filming, i mean, am i looking at the sky, or am i looking towards the horizon, in fact any comments at all, when one of the objects whooshed away, not even a gasp in amazement, most people when the suspected UFO sped off like this would of verbally given some form of exclamation of surprise at least.

  7. It does look quite interesting but like some others have mentioned, the lack of ‘omg’ when it zips off, I’d be like ‘what the feck?’

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