Amazing video: One UFO splits into two – Melbourne, Australia 7-Sep-2013

UFO videos – This interesting footage of an unidentified flying object that splits into two and then flashes. This was recorded over Melbourne, Australia on Saturday, 7th September 2013.

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  1. a spacecraft that is going to orbit the moon was launched on friday, sept. 6, which would have been saturday for you. perhaps you saw the separation of the rocket?

  2. two geo satellites – one caught extra hint of moon light thus creating that iridium flare effect . gee people try that usa site called space weather [=that's one word space+weather] dot a com , there are several spaceweather sites worldly ,eh the usa one is comfortable and +++ guess what , click it anywhere on its pages for asteroids/satellite/solar weather/optical phenom stuff

  3. I think UFO Lou has some of the best, intriguing videos, of all the UFO sights on the web!!! Just say”in… Keep up the good work. Thanks

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