Best UFO sightings in August 2013

Interesting compilation of the best UFO sightings recorded all over the world in August 2013.

– Diamond/Pyramid Shaped UFO Floats Over Colombia
– Surveillance Cameras Use Technique To Capture UFOs. Location Unknown
– Bright UFO Darting Around In The Sky Above The Netherlands
– Possible UFO Crash Seen By Thousands On US West Coast
– UFO Beams Lights Into Pool In Naples, Florida, USA
– Triangle UFO Floating Over Lehigh Acres, Florida
– Humanoid Shaped UFO Recorded Over Ankara, Turkey
– Apollo 17 Astronauts Baffled By Overhead UFO
– Disc Shaped UFO Photographed By Curiosity On Mars?
– Triangle UFO Flies Over San Juan, Capistrano, California
– Disc UFO Recorded Over Gebze, Turkey
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  1. cannot believe AUFOS put in that stupid pool ufo, it was already explained. the one that freaked me out was the NASA one that said "styrofoam". STYROFOAM?!? going that fast over their heads?? does NASA believe humans would actually fall for that explanation? apparently so.

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