Interesting footage of a V-shaped UFO over San Juan Capistrano, California 25-Aug-2013

UFO sightings – This amazing video of a very fast triangular formation flying across the night sky above San Juan Capistrano in California was recorded on Sunday, 25th August 2013.
Witness report: Was in my back yard sky watching with my best friend using night vision goggles when we observed 4 UFO,s directly over my home and then turn and fly towards La California. We were able to record some of the event. Adding footage to this report. we slowed the video down and you can also see another UFO pass over the other 4 at a very high rate of speed.We have been recording many UFOs in this area over the last thirty days.

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UFOs Seem To Travel From San Juan Capistrano To Laguna Niguel Skies

Laguna Niguel seems to be the UFO hotbed of Orange County but that does not mean that no UFO sighting in other areas of this county. Recently, four unidentified flying objects were reported flying across the sky of San Juan Capistrano. Some speculate that aliens possibly fly over San Juan Capistrano to get to Laguna Niguel.

A YouTube video shows apparent UFOs above Juan Capistrano on August 25. They are claim as unidentified flying objects. Well, it is true because the objects can’t be identified immediately and they appear to be flying.

But this UFO sighting is not worthy for a shout out from the top of the mountain that it is real deal. Perhaps it is better to leave the decision to the experts. After all, the place of the sighting is near a military base.

Just few days past after the UFO over San Juan Capistrano video was posted, two photos of UFOs above Laguna Niguel were released or at least as claimed.

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  1. I truly hope that before I expire, an appearance by "ET" is made that expels any doubt & is witnessed by so many people that denial by anyone, is not an option. Meanwhile, why don't "we" (those who know the truth) begin gathering signatures by way of petition, to draw some high ranking government officials before the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives &

    • Who would you call to testify? The regular members of Congress or the President don't know anything, neither does the head of the CIA, or FBI. The records are probably being held in some private contractor's vault somewhere.

    • Answer: Because politicians mostly are lying sacks of excrement who lie whenever it suits them or when told to by those who control them. Steve Bassett just did yet another recent DC Press Club mock trial with former politicians hired to sit and listen. This one actually got mentioned on TV in a few places, but I guess you didn't know about it since it didn't get much press. It's

    • i've seen several ufos and i am not sick and suffering physically from it. i don't need medications. i don't have anxiety or depression over witnessing ufos. i'm not sure what you mean.

    • That's right my grandmother used to follow, talk and play with the the fairies and elves that lived on our farm. Almost froze to death in a blizzard bcause the wee folk wanted to play outside one night. See never had anxiety or depression.

    • janet hosier, same thing with me, I have seen a few and nothing ever happens. And as to Anonymous 7:42 I have seen fairies (not like your grandmother having conversations) but nothing ever happens. You think you are special, but no. Life goes on as normal as can be.

  2. Birds in formation!No doubt about that. You can see the wingmovements in the slowmo-sekvens.There are many species of birds that migrate at night in the dark.

    • my goodness i just cannot believe your answer! you cannot see migrating birds at night because there is no light on the land to reflect off of them! this is a lighted formation! i live in a major migration path for canadian geese and they are big birds, you can't see them at all at night. you are only seeing what your non-believing intuition tells you to see.

  3. Why do we (THE ONES WHO KNOW THE TRUTH)need a Government that honors some petition."WE" Know the truth. They ~(The Government) will not say truth..

  4. people arent silly people know the truth as one comment wisely stated governments know this also i think its a new type of craft created by amazing new technology inherited from ets americas very advanced since the moon missions remote viewing time travel etc must be some truth the motto is we can kid some of the people some of the time but we cant kid all of the people all of the time .

  5. One of the previous posters is right. If you view it in full screen at 1080HD it is possible to see these birds flapping their wings.

  6. I wrote the "bird in formation" comment and i still think this are birds (geese probably) migrate at night ad being recorded with a nightvision-camera.Living creatures recorded in the dark lights up if you using that type of camera.I AM a beliver but this are not ufo:s!

  7. I agree with Janet Hosier:<br />I too have seen several UFOs (no idea what they are)And I am not deranged, ill, anxious, paranoid nor mentally ill or a UFO nut. I am I hope, sane and stable with a happy outlook on life. Living on the Canadian Prairies in a rural area I see many, many migrating birds such as Sandhill cranes, and Canada geese.( times out of 10 they fly in a V formation, and usually

  8. ON viewing the Vid several times it looks as though the lights are separate and not attached as one &#39;craft&#39; they seem to waver individually. I have seen 2 UFOs at night but never with lights.

  9. Its a Bird, its a plane, no – its Suuuupermaaaaan!!!!!!! Have they been identified? If not, they are what is called UFO´s are they not? These `Birds` are the BIGGEST and fastest &quot;Birds&quot; ever recorded in the history of mankind..These cud be earthman made. They cud be ET´s too. I`ve personally had a handful of exp`s with `ships/crafts`, since 73..My immediate feeling with this video was

  10. Its a T3 out of Groom lake. They were developed by reverse engineering the Roswell and other craft. Rockwell and Lockheed developed the propulsion, its not anti-gravity……but gravity disruption around the craft.<br />40G maneuvers are possible without damage to the human crew. Very cool stuff……has been around longer than you think.

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