Interesting UFO activity over Lithuania – July 2008

Description from Youtube:
This amazing video shows a triangle formatin staying stationary while 2 orbs leave a forrest and ascend towards the huge triangle while one shoots beams of light to the ground like a weapon being used while travelling to the formation. Its totally unusual to see such activity in any sky and to witness this is something else. Whatever the beam of light was and where it hit would be a great story if ever investigated as it was aimed at something! Animal,cottage,car or something military we will not know! The huge dark triangle with lights pointed at each corner keeps its position and adds to this credible footage as it shows the objects heading towards it fast enough.

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  1. massive triangle pity the camera wasnt still i spotted the ufo sending beam down good proof of either new technology or alien craft probing the local vicinity well done capturing this footage

  2. yeah the red flash first was like a ray gun or something shooting down.. and the white flash was like a line going down very quickly.. that was very strange.

  3. does anyone notice that the beams extend all the way to the bottom of the frame while there are trees and a building are in the shot at the same time at the bottom of the frame.

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