Interesting UFO activity over Vancouver, Canada 8-Sep-2013

UFO videos – New footage of an unidentified flying object slowly flying across the sky above Vancouver in Canada. This was taken on Sunday, 8th September 2013.

Witness report: I scanned the skies for almost 2 weeks with no sighting then this. Tonight I skywatched for more than 3 hours and nothing , fell asleep on the couch then was awakened by the TV but it was on mute? half dazed I hit the volume and the TV went on, so I turned off the TV fell asleep and again voices and awakened and they were gone, looked outside and saw I left my Yukon on the balcony, did a quick scan of the night sky and here it was just spinning/wobbling. Unfortunately the true details have been lost in the YT transfer and total of 15 mins, circled almost twice in the same area and then B- lined directly north east , second object showed up and responded to my was quite wild, prior to this I caught another orb like UFO blinking, will post later, this one was great because of the detail and moving with purpose, hole in the center or dome, your guess as good as mine, I may later try to get more detail from the video but now sleep time, I was excited and wanted to get It out thanks!

Author (Charles Lamoureux @ youtube)

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  1. I live south in Washington state. I witnessed the same object on August 2, 2013. It made no noise an floated over head in a northeast direction toward BC. This is real and is really happening. If the government won't tell us the truth they will just make themselves known to the world on their own terms apparently.

  2. i know that your excitement at thinking the possible alien object responded to your laser is genuine, but it's extremely highly unlikely that it saw you. to me it still looked like it was tumbling. i find pointing lasers at possible aliens is like playing with a Ouija board; very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. it looked great! if you found yourself waking up to voices

    • definitely agree with you Janet, we shouldn't let our emotions for aliens or alien objects get to us, because we don't know how possible Aliens beings will react towards us.. From my research that I have done, there seems to be 4 different types of aliens, and from those 4 types, one of them we call "The Grays", which have been said to be the ones that abduct people, and that

    • Maybe you are correct because I had another amazing ball of light zip around about 100 feet from my balcony very bright for about second and half and I was just watching TV minding my own business, strangely I had major emotional dreams this early in the Am, can't remember them is the problem but awakened and was distraught. I hope not ….but taking a break from sightseeing for a bit anyways

    • charles. it was really nice of you to leave your reply to me! i appreciate that alot! it sounds like some interesting and probably stressful things are happening with you. i hope it's nothing but it sure doesn't sound like it. as for your dreams that's just your sub-conscious putting everything together from the day. i'm sorry you're distraught. if this keeps happening i can

  3. i have a live recording from a nascar qualifying<br />run that shows a ufo exactly like the ones recorded on one of the shuttle missions only this one was<br />recorded 9/7/2103 if you can find that qualifying<br />run find when eric almirola runs pay attention its<br />exactly the same

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