Interesting UFO caught on tape over New Zealand 13-Jul-2013

UFO videos – Amazing footage of a strange object flying across the night sky above New Zealand. This was taken on 13th July 2013.

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  1. Have that exact same thing over the house right now. It is there every night. The small light at the bottom is always either perpendicular or right under it. Some nights it is larger than others and really bright, with lots of colors. I have looked through binoculars and you can't get a clear view. It distorts. Comes out with the stars, and slowly moves to the gulf coast.

  2. Would be a much better video without the crap playing in the background. Next one please just stick to the sighting, don't bother with the music editing. Thanks

  3. a few nights ago I saw a craft looking kind of thing it was whiteish coloured and it flashed red it was over Fielding new Zealand it just sat in one spot for about 10 minutes then disappeared my iPod went flat so I couldn't take a photo I wasn't surprised since ufo sightings have been on the increase and it was the first ufo I had ever seen 🙂

  4. people, just mute the music. just like you would for any other audio you don't wish to hear. as soon as music comes on i immediately mute the sound.

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