Noiseless Boomerang UFO Spotted Above Oklahoma

A witness from Norman, Oklahoma reported seeing a boomerang-shaped UFO moved without any noise about 1,000 feet from the ground with white lights. The testimony of the witness was filed under Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Case 47260. Just recently, this case was closed as an unknown.

The object was first observed when the witness was outside in the backyard looking for the family cat on May 7, 2013 at around 11:40 PM.

According to the report, the witness saw a boomerang-shaped object when looking up. The altitude of the object was approximately a thousand feet above the ground. The witness noticed white lights in a V-shaped formation on the wings. The object moved slowly without any noise from east to west.

The witness first thought the object was an airplane but changed mind when no sound was heard coming from the mysterious object.

The object disappeared to the sight of the witness because of the treeline as it continued to travel west.

Norman is 20 miles south of downtown Oklahoma City with 110, 925 population. Seventy five cases in May 2013 are now closed by MUFON investigators as unknown and that include case 47260.

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  1. i've seen a documentary about other people seeing this specific type ufo. it's one that isn't seen much, compared to other popular types.

    • Hi . do you remember the name of the documentary? I would love to see it as I haven&#39;t heard of anyone else seeing a boomerang shaped UFO.<br />thanks

  2. I had a similar sighting about 17 years ago while living in NYC. It was a dark and clear summer night, and I was up on my roof watching the skies. Suddenly an enormous, boomerang-shaped object passed slowly overhead. At first I thought it had to be a plane, but it was too low and had no fuselage. The really interesting thing about it was that it had NO lights, and it was light brown in color.

    • Oh, at last, someone who saw the same thing I saw!(1997) I saw a boomerang shaped &#39;wing&#39; fly overhead at about 40 ft above me. It was enormous and covered my whole yard. It was a silvery gold colour like many of todays cars. It had no lights, and no sound, it seemed to &#39;sail&#39; as if it was going through water and not air. It also had peculiar protuberances underneath. (can anyone

  3. I saw the same thing on July 1st 2016. I saw a very large shape , boomerang shape, white lights all the way around it, no sound and it was just hovering, standing still, I thought at first this was a plane too, but it didn’t move at all. This was N W OKC off I 44

  4. My parents and little sister also saw a Boomerang shaped ship back in 1970 on a Sunday night after church. Dad stayed outside to watch for its return and saw it 2 more times. He said it had a lot of lights underneath and was about 3 football fields long. Made absolutely no noise. He talked to Tinker AFB Control tower. They begged him to tell them where he lived. They could not see the UFO on their radar screen.
    I would have loved to see it because it was really cool looking toward since they all three saw it and said the same thing about its description.

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