UFO Sighting And Nine Hours of Lost Time Reported In Springfield, Missouri

A 26-year old individual reported seeing a triangle-shaped unidentified flying object (UFO) near Springfield, Missouri. This man claims to have seen the mysterious craft for around 9 minutes. The college graduate witness describes the object as red, yellow and black in colour with three lights.

The object came so near to the witness that the triangular-shaped craft can be clearly seen with three lights in the outside and a white light in the middle.

The next thing the witness knew was in his/her bed naked around 9 hours later. The witness also developed a rash.

The experience of this witness was similar to career politician and 2008 presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, who claims to have witnessed three triangular craft when he visited Shirley MacLaine’s home during the 1980’s.

Kucinich then sponsored the Space Preservation Act of 2001, a bill that wanted to ban the use of exotic space-based weapons such as high altitude ultra-low frequency weapon systems. However, the bill was ultimately not approved. Kucinich also failed to pass a bill that ban the use of energies directed at individual person or targeted populations for the purpose of mind control, mood management, and information war.

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