UFO In Nebraska Towercam Remains A Mystery

When the sun was about to shine on September 4, morning meteorologist at Channel 8, Sean McMullen, noticed an unusual view from KLKN’s HD Towercam.

He says that it was the first time he saw such strange object but he still described the object while his on air because he wanted to let the viewers know what was the object even though he did not really know what it was. He can’t exactly tell its identity.

The object seems to be triangular in shape and looks like its floating above the Capital City. It was not visible anymore during full sunrise. According to McMullen, he saw the UFO for around 45 minutes.

A viewer of Channel 8 also captured the same footage.

Rich Webb describes his sighting to the Mutual UFO Network. He says that the object is truly unidentified but he is not sure if it was flying or floating.

Webb says that he has been investigating UFO sightings for 8 years and he finds the footage from Towercam curious. Scott Colborn, a UFO enthusiast, also believes that the Towercam footage is something to look into.

Webb and Colborn say that another triangular object was observed a couple of hours earlier in that morning, just outside Kansas City, specifically in Lee’s Summit, Mo.

Colborn says that it is very interesting to connect the two sightings and find out an approximate location of the mysterious object.

FAA did not notice any suspicious activity on September 4.

The number of UFO sightings has substantially gone down in the past 20 years, according to UNL physics professor Timothy Gay. He doesn’t believe that there was an extra-terrestrial activity involved in the Towercam footage. He suspects government aircraft of some sort or a lens refection.

But curious individuals will keep on digging until they learn more.

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  1. The skeptic is more often than not, decidedly of the "weather balloon" mindset, but for those who've witnessed a "UFO" with their own eyes….no alternative explanation will do.

  2. Professor Timothy Gay is totally wrong. No one should believe what he said because there is extra-terrestrial activity every single day all over the world.<br />

  3. So– a so called Professor can * GAURANTEE * that there is no such thing as life outside our world? <br /><br />WOW! Now that is QUITE a feat to be able to be like God and know all about our Universe. O_o <br /><br />What a F@king Idiot!

  4. He can &quot;guarantee&quot; that aliens don&#39;t exist….wow, the fount of all knowledge in the entire universe, and he lives right here on earth and willing to share his divine insights. I&#39;m impressed. Perhaps he can answer other mysteries of time and space for us, too. Aren&#39;t we lucky?

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