Bright UFO hovering above Southeast Michigan 27-Oct-2013

Latest UFO sightings – New video if an interesting object above Southeast Michigan. This was taken on Sunday, 27th October 2013.

Witness report: I live in a rural part of Southeast Michigan and saw this object near my home on the night of Oct 27, 2013, so I followed it down a dirt road and finally ended up in a field crop. Once I got out of vehicle, it started moving towards me. So, I ran like hell for a bit. It was making a low sounding weird noise and had a beam shining on my vehicle for a while.

Author (Research4truth12 @ youtube)

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  1. The author should provide as many info as possible, really, because if it's not a fake well done, well, that's very very interesting, one of the best sightings lately and maybe in years, just wondering bout the way the object disappeared, in a blink, it looks strange to me, but it might be the way such "ships" go away, we cannot know what advanced technologies are able to do

    • i've been in some pretty well stocked, high-end model stores in montreal, and have never seen a toy like this. in fact i've never seen quad-copter models either.

  2. This is definitely real and authentic. I bet he's glad he wasn't in his car when they were examining it. I think this would be difficult to hoax. At first, the "beam" looks like someone being filmed wearing a shawl or cape with reflective specks on it. But then later on, the "laser" beams appear to be shining on the vehicle itself before the UFO ascends into Heaven

  3. come on people!<br />what will it take for you non-believers to realize we are not alone! Geez! you see proof, and you STILL deny it!! maybe a trip on one will convince you? oops, that would be too late. you&#39;ve been abducted. i believe this guy didn&#39;t make a peep due to him not wanting to be noticed. as you see, the car with the car with its lights on was enough for them to investigate.

  4. its fake simple as that like hello ppl if you think it real sorry but you can download an app to make this sort of thing like really if you seen a UFO hover over your car you would be talking and shouting while recording ……nice special effects nice try to fool ppl but no way did that work

  5. Gabry05, <br /><br />For me it&#39;s real…The Evidence is first : The noise! We clearly hear this low noise, i think not easy to fake some kind of noise…and second : The beam, if we look carefuly we can see how this beam can define the design of the back of this car….this video could be the most impressive (if it&#39;s real) i&#39;ve ever seen..

  6. I would be screaming or breathing heavy if this was me videotaking my car being &quot;probed&quot; by a UFO but he&#39;s asa calm as can be. Funny how the beam shines on the back of the car so it shows up perfectly in the video. Sorry but this seems fake to me,

  7. Vincent Milkie, just because your moronic religion tells you that we are the lifeforms in the universe doesn&#39;t mean you can say &quot;fake&quot; on everything that doesn&#39;t fit inside your tiny pittyful ltttle bubble of a life that you live in.

  8. Funny how he ran like hell, not out of breath,camera not shaking. See how steady the camera is when he is filming the car? I cant believe you people are sooo stupid to believe this shit. If a ufo landed in my yard, I think I would believe before believing in a video that can be munipulated with todays photoshop programs.

  9. no way this is fake.. who could make something glow like that bright.. its almost the same as the video the man took of something hovering above his pond.. the green beam is the same thing.. this is real I swear it.. and he prob did not make any noise or scream cos he was prob scared it would come after him.. amazing footage I have ever seen.. WOW

  10. Tom Delonge from To The Stars Academy (Who works with Dr. Hal Puthoff- Formerly in charge of the U.S. government’s UFO program, Chris Herndon- Former Deputy Assistant to the President of the United states, Dr. Norm Kahn- 30 years in the CIA, and other super high ranking officials) posted this video on his Instagram a few days ago saying that it is in fact real footage of an Uap. Check it out.

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