Interesting UFO activity over Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – 2013

UFO sightings – Videos of an unidentified flying objects flying in the sky above Winnipeg, the capital and largest city of Manitoba, Canada.

October 2013

August 2013

August 2013

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  1. Who's to say what these things are? Seems like the author wants us to keep guessing as he provides NO details on how far away these things are, what HE thinks they might be or anything. Just a bunch of dots of the screen to me.

    • I took the videos . I also sent in some information and told them to not hesitate to contact me for any information needed .The video links on YT also have descriptions and days they were filmed. Most of these objects are within a mile . They are UFO disks , Rods and some ORBS . I will answer ANY question you have in regards to ANY video I have ever posted. Oh and these are definately not "

    • Good technical comeback, Good to see people sharing their data. Some of us can learn from your experience for our own applications & equipment. I saw one question here, "why was the telescope/camera set up already?" I rest my case.

    • i think the filmer Jim Schaefer, would not deliberately video birds if he knew that's what they were, and try to pass them off to us as such. he would have to think the population is pretty dim. i believe him.

  2. No your simple, you can`t tell the difference between UFOS & birds , I don`t upload birds. Did you watch all of them in 720p on a full screen ? No you didn`t , but decided to comment about "birds" anyway.

  3. Birds don't fly in pairs and make "concentric" circular patterns such as these do. These orbs look very similar in shape, size, and patterns they make as seen in the 1956 documentary "U.F.O." These definitely are NOT birds. If these patterns they're making are trying to communicate with us or tell us something, I would hope someone is analyzing them and trying to

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