UFO activity in the sky above Berea, Ohio 10-Oct-2013

UFO videos – New footage of unknown lights flying across the sky above Berea, a city in Cuyahoga County in the U.S. state of Ohio. This was taken on 10th October 2013.
Witness report: I was driving home and I saw 20 to 30 of these lights int he sky that looked like a meteor shower but the lights were in roughly 3 groups of 10 or so objects. They moved in perfect formation and at the same exact speed. No trails from them like youd see in a meteor shower nor were they falling. They were traveling. 

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. i was thoroughly enjoying that and really watching if the shape of the big formation was changing and then poof! film over! aaaaggghhh i cried!!

  2. those ubiquitous lanterns again? Swamp gas? Venus and her sisters?<br />I&#39;d like to see something in the daytime on video that wasn&#39;t CG.d

  3. Dont think they are lanterns because they were moving along very fast then they about slowed to a stop. And dont cry Janet..They will be back : )

  4. I have got a $40 cell phone that takes videos for as long as I can hold it in my hands. At least explain why you quit so soon. I have doubts for it being lanterns, because this keeps the shape for the minutes that it lasted and lanterns tend to go up.

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