UFO activity over Queensland, Australia 16-Oct-2013

UFO sightings – These unidentified flying objects were seen and recorded in the sky above Kingston, a suburb of Logan City, Queensland, Australia on Wednesday, 16th October 2013.

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  1. wondering what time of day this was taken i viewed the same object at 2.30 EST in South Australia .I am thinking same object as speed is not relative to our visitors Qld To SA

  2. Well I live one suburb over in Marsden and this would either be right on a major flight-path or damn near close to it as passenger airplanes and smaller ones fly right over my house every day/night almost constantly. SURELY someone (eg pilot, radar operator etc) must have seen this.

  3. Looks like a deflated weather balloon falling to Earth riding on the wind. It never stopped turning in that way a falling object trailing material would.

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