UFO crash in Peru

Lance Corporal Weygandt was stationed in Peru when he was asked to report to a crash site of a mysterious aircraft shot down into a mountainside. He said it was unlike anything he had seen. After visiting the site, he was arrested and held in a cell for days.

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  1. If this isn't BS I don't know what is, would like to know more of Weygandts background and were he is today I think you would find he is a con artist and writer of fiction books like ( UFOs) and tell the reader that this is a true story

  2. I am a believer…. however, I have just one major issue with this along with a lot of &quot;hostile&quot; encounters.<br />WHY ? Why would we or anyone shoot it down? Did it shoot at us first? No. If there is a thought that it maybe other worldly and an amazing encounter with intelligent life from afar…. why would you just shoot at it ? I would think any normal person would say to

    • Right on– the story is not believable shooting down a UFO, I know there are UFOs I&#39;ve seen them myself up close and they are real,

    • the secret government has advanced weaponry that they have been using to shoot down e.t craft in order to confiscate the technology, they have been doing this for decades, the assholes

  3. if this was a movie i would belive that part, of people in power that so called do what they want, would shoot it down not knowing the conciquences,of killing! maybe,inesent life beings to find tecnology and then hideing it from goverment and humans who would know maybe their alians them selves

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