Unknown lights over Frankfurt, Germany 22-Aug-2013

UFO sightings – These strange lights were seen and recorded in the sky above Frankfurt, Germany on 22nd August 2013.Witness report: On the 22.08.2013 several ufo’s have appeared about the city center of frankfurt *(in deutsch siehe unten) – up to 8 flying objects stood concurrent and slowly floated on up to approx 50 meters. Especially interesting welfare was to them the new building of the ezb (europäische zentral bank) which they from above and quite near approached like in my videos ” ufo frankfurt sighting part 1 and 2 ” is to see. What is to see in part 1.2 and 3, is not by the transport airplanes known to us possible. They become airplanes if they come and go. Events of the et’s follow only if it the flight routes of our air traffic over frankfurt admit! Watch the sky!!!
Author (Peter Believer @ youtube)

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  1. i can't help but think those are planes landing. the flashing lights give them away, and they all "land" in the same place. i think if those were ufos, and landing that near the city, there'd be quite the commotion. there are alot of planes though, all landing at once. that's odd.

    • Planes are moveing and these are a long time in the same position…<br />Do not be afraid, they just want to help us…

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