Dark UFO Hovering In the Clouds above the Ocean

The latest video of a UFO sighting has gotten the attention of both believers and sceptics lately. It was first uploaded to YouTube by username Streetcap1 showing an apparent dark object in a photo hovering in the middle of the clouds above the ocean.

Enthusiasts believe, including Scott Waring, that the UFO concealed itself in the atmosphere. Waring, the founder and editor of UFO Sightings Daily, says that the dark circle UFO was hiding above the clouds but it was visible from orbit.

Waring suspects that NASA did not notice the UFO because it appeared dark in the original photo. He explains that the dark circle is only visible through adding the brightness or light to the photo. The blue ocean can be clearly seen below the clouds which makes Waring believes that the UFO was heading to or from an extra-terrestrial facility on the ocean floor.

The photo was originally taken from a NASA image capture. In the original photo, the object can still be noticed but a very close attention should be observed to make out the object against the white clouds.

YouTube username crazycloud2 says in his comment that no wonder people from earth found it difficult to see this kind of UFO because it is flat black and not shiny like most UFO sighting videos.

Meanwhile, sceptics say that the black object was a weather balloon seen from the top.

What do you think about this object being captured by NASA?

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  1. looks like part of a meteor or some sort of space debris looks more of a rock type material floating in the atmosphere . or as it has been commented the black knight has returned ?

    • Yes Sparky, i have the same vision like you, for me it is a piece of rock floating in the space and it was taken by the Earth gravity.

    • no. there are no space rocks floating in earth's gravity. those would be meteors, then they would be descending and breaking up over the atmosphere like the Russian meteor back in feb. also, if it was space debris like a piece of a satellite, nasa would know that and not be wondering if it was a ufo.

  2. Looks liek Stonehenge, or something from 2001! Or is it a gap in the clouds and there are cities underneath. Looking closely the image seems to have bits and pieces sticking out it, like the UFO in Close Encounters!

  3. If you can notice through the increased brightness/ exposure that a form of symbolic pictograms are evident in the image both on the object and around it. I have done similar work to images captured in Pennsylvania with the same image artifacts which are first construed as noise, but with further investigation shows a form of graphic symbolism or hieroglyphs, in the background of the images.

    • Hi Im a professional, been working at photoshop last 30 yrs..i downloaded the original jpg and played a litte wt it..sorry but I really don't understand how u ve got such conclusions..at 500% start the pixels, even twisting the most the jpg, nothing of what u said u saw is visible..even pixel peeping..also u referring at artifacts and noise in a way not appropriate for this specific jpg file.

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