Strange UFO filmed over Oregon 26-Nov-2013

This interesting formation of lights was seen and filmed in the sky above Oregon on 26th November 2013.

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    • Interesting. However to be truly insightful about the phenomenon you need to read ‘The Third Explanation’ by Brian Noble on Amazon. Qualified by Timothy Good as probably the best scientific UFO book ever written ….

  1. i was going to say, what morphing; that was just the lights on the jet as it gets closer to you. but this is so not a plane. those lights were very strange, and the flashy one was weird.

  2. for one its man made what ever it is for two an alien UFO would not have strobe lights warning other aircraft sorry not from another world but def from earth

  3. could be a chopper…with those strobe light and slow moving….but good catch though….keep looking at the stars…peace and love!

  4. Jesus Christ!! Another Spaceship from another world with blinking positionlights. Why don't you guys find something else to bother other people with that the usual "ufo" footage. It's not interesting watching aeroplanes on the nightskies.

  5. Probably not a conventional plane as the flashes are too erratic, they would be flashing at a steady pace, and I didn't see any red or green light either. Either a toy, or something quite unconventional. I heard no engine sounds, so we could probable rule out a helicopter, or other conventional aircraft.

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