NEW! Ancient Aliens: The Satan Conspiracy S06E05

Ancient Aliens – The Satan Conspiracy
History Channel, Season 6, Episode 5
28th October 2013
He is the evil one, the Prince of Darkness, the ruler of Hell. Satan conjures up horrifying images of a horned beast whose sole purpose is to destroy humanity. Yet there is evidence that the fallen angel we know as Satan may be misunderstood. New interpretations of ancient texts indicate that Satan may have been an extraterrestrial who was more of an ally to humanity than an enemy by passing along knowledge that planted the seed for civilization. Could Satan’s reputation as the personification of evil be his punishment for leading early man out of darkness and ignorance? If so, might his evil acts really be expressions of revenge against the human creatures that abandoned him? Or are the devilish deeds associated with Satan part of a grand plan? A series of moral challenges intended to prepare us for our next, and perhaps final… close encounter?

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  1. An "ally" of humanity?? The bible is very clear about Satan and his intensions toward humanity. 1 Peter 5:8 states that Satan is an enemy to humans—-he is here to decieve us. The bible describes this unseen demon as "the father of lies" and cunning. This creature has been "watching" us for thousands of yrs. and knows our desires–our weaknesses. Revelations 20:8

  2. Wow! In order for Satan to have been a &quot;benevolent&quot; being, Jesus would have to be called a liar. There is no &quot;was&quot; with Satan. He is immortal and still around, and apparently still trying to confuse people into thinking he&#39;s not so bad.<br /><br />By the way, there is no place in the Bible that states Satan was one of the fallen angels. Satan is referred to as a dragon

    • …Jesus could have been lying for the sake of protecting his followers. Let&#39;s not throw stones in glass houses, my friend. If you take the perspective from satan&#39;s point of view, it&#39;s just one books (bible) point of view. That would not fly in the publishing world of today, that&#39;s for damn sure.

  3. Satan is a symbol, folks. Satan is not a name. It means &quot;adversary&quot;. A personification of the self serving, truth distorting, power seeking, love withholding tendencies within us, and within that portion of ET visitors who share those tendencies. And the Bible is not a book of history. Please, stop reading it literally and grow up already. There&#39;s a lot of things in there that are

  4. Why are the &#39;belivers&#39;(i&#39;m not talking about Justin bieber) are here??<br />None of your business in this sitde…<br />To hell with you all…<br />

  5. Ahh yes, poor misunderstood Satan. He sure does get a bum rap. Did Satan himself write this article? Of course, he doesn’t want you to think he’s bad. He’s here to help, right? haha Important note: Calling Satan a fallen angel is incorrect. The Bible never refers to him as a fallen angel. That is a Christian old wives tale, probably introduced by Satan. What the Bible does call Satan is a reptile, a dragon and a serpent. I know, someone is going to quote the verse about Satan “transforming himself into an angel of light.” Read those words. To “transform” means you originally were something else….not an angel. It’s basic shape-shifting.

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