Orb & snake-like UFO filmed above Jefferson County, Tennessee 11-Nov-2013

Latest UFO sightings – This strange snake-like UFO and an orb were recorded in the daytime sky above Jefferson County in Tennessee. Recorded on Monday, 11th November 2013.

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  1. how can this be "fake"?also-the opposite of alien is "known","identifiable"..this cannot be identified as one of ours..so it IS alien

  2. Thanks for another light show now take your high tech circus to the next planet where you may find some simple minded slack jaws who might appreciate your bells an whistles….

  3. Really odd. Like a firework or kite. Was this from a plane window?<br />Very interesting, whatever it is. But please! Enough already with the phony music.! It is really off putting and always spells fakery to me.

  4. ok what the heck was that?? even if it was a piece of pollution why would it be shiny like that and only in one section? i guess ufos can be all kinds of insane shapes!

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