Strange lights above Volos, Greece 12-Nov-2013

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting video of a bright objects hovering in the night sky above Volos in Greece was recorded on Tuesday, 12th November 2013.

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  1. These are very much like the UFO's known as "amber ramblers" seen a lot during the 90's and filmed several times in the famous Gulf Breeze case. I had my own sighting of them (complete with dropping of a smaller object) back in 1994 in Australia.

  2. they look like those fireworks that hang in the sky while burning. i don't know how those work but there were some at the international fireworks competition in montreal this summer.

  3. 100% flares.I live in Volos and witnessed this myself.I was at a much better<br />viewing point (on mt Pilio which is above the city) and I clearly saw the smoke trail as well as the light that was cast on the ground (area of Melissiatika for those who know Volos).

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