UFO activity over Winnipeg, Canada – July 2013

UFO sightings – These strange fast objects were recorded flying in the sky above Winnipeg in Canada. This was taken on 23rd July 2013 at 12:45 pm.

Witness report: Some IR captures shot during the day in Winnipeg. There are some UFO Disks , Orbs & even a couple of Rods in here. A High activity day.

Author: Jim (submitted to www.LUFOS.net)

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  1. Birds and bugs. How can a video like this be evidence of UFO activity? Can't we find something that fits the bill? I can make a video like that, even better, what we need is to see something that leaves little doubt, not some blotches on a screen.

    • You have no idea what your talking about , in fact you can`t even tell the difference between UFOs & birds-bugs.Where are your UFO videos posted ? Yeah , exactly what I thought .Leave the important tasks for professionals , clearly you need a new hobby…

    • So wheres your video then ? You have a serious habit of saying the same things about birds, bugs, balloons , helicopters etc, over & over when it comes to ANY ufo video .Sounds like someone is in severe denial and can`t handle the truth about what is going on in our skies .Your way too predicable….

    • Wrong person , wrong video , time for new glasses as well. Boy your wrong on everything aren`t you ? No Birds , want to see a bird ? look them up on Youtube, fool…

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