Unknown lights in the sky above Navada Highway 375 (near Area 51) 12-Nov-2013

UFO sightings – New footage of an unknown lights hovering in the sky above Nevada – near Area 51. This was taken on Tuesday, 12th November 2013.

Witness report: On a recent road trip to the Las Vegas area, my curiosity for unusual roadside attractions led me North on Highway 375. The highway is notorious for reports of strange lights and UFOs due to its close proximity to legendary Area 51. My intentions were merely bragging rights for having driven the famous “ET Highway,” as well as souvenirs from the equally famous “Little A’Le’Inn.”
Mission accomplished, I doubled back on the desolate (and now dark) road to civilization. Very uneventful drive for the most part, but the video shows things became more interesting as I approached the end of the stretch of road.
First of all…I’m still not convinced in the whole “visitor” thing. So what was this I was viewing? I have spent hours researching the area; maps, videos, images. I am completely baffled! The lights are too perfectly aligned to match any of the terrain in the area.
No matter what I saw (which probably wasn’t aliens), I cannot deny that it was an awesome spectacle…and the most appropriate location!

Author (Adam Stein @ youtube)

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  1. That looks exactly like the one I saw last nite, over the WI/IL border. I took pictures of it. It didnt move, just stayed there for an hour.

  2. If it's ours, we will never see it properly, if we show it off, the gov't would have to admit to back engineering and therefore also admit to aliens, landings and abductions.

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