Best UFO sightings of November 2013

Video compilation of the best UFO sightings recorded in November 2013 all over the world!

– Cigar UFO Split Into Two Parts Over Mexico
– Ring UFO Recorded From The ISS
– Triangle UFO Sits Over Altus, Oklahoma, USA For 15 Minutes
– Three UFOs Over Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
– UFOs Ascending And Landing In Swindon, UK
– UFOs Line Up Over A Highway In Nevada, USA
– UFO Recorded Dancing Around In The Sky Over Indiana
– UFOs Appear Out Of Thin Air Over Volos, Greece
– UFO Teleporting Through The Skies Above A Philippine Airport
– Triangle UFO Recorded On Night Vision Over Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico
– Circular Shaped UFO Captured On STS 093 Photograph
– Glowing UFO Recorded Over Miami, Florida, USA

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