Where To Hunt For UFOs?

Researching about the truth of UFOs in the internet or in any reading materials might give you more questions than answers. Are UFO sightings or videos and photos of UFOs real or hoax? Perhaps the best method to find answers is to see it for yourself. Here are the reported places where UFOs usually sighted.

Bonnybridge, Scotland – For the past 20 years, the Scottish government has been receiving at least a UFO sighting report every day in Bonnybridge.

Gulf Breeze, Florida – The area started to gain popularity among UFO enthusiasts in 1987 when a number of photographs showing UFOs in the area were released by Ed Walters.

Colares Island, Brazil – If you want a real adventure to spot a UFO, then this place is right for you. You may need to exercise extra caution as this place is known for the “UFO attack” in 1977. It was reported that the residents in the island were attacked by laser beams from a UFO. The incident resulted to 2 deaths and 100 injuries of residents. It was investigated by the Brazilian military but the truth never came out.

Warminister, England – Residents have been reportedly hearing unexplained sound also referred by townspeople as The Thing. The number of recorded UFO sightings in the small town is estimated to reach around 5,000. The place is also known for crop circles that formed in the 80s.

Elk River, Minnesota – Aside from fishing and enjoying the snow every winter, the city is also a good spot for UFO hunting. Since the 1920s, many reports about UFOs have surfaced. Shapes of the strange things flying across the city’s skies include big V’s, pendulums, cigars and wings. Disc shaped objects are also seen in the area with multi coloured port lights. Recently, UFOs resembling to a jelly fish were also spotted.

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