Crashed Saucer Found with 16 Humanoid Bodies Inside

The world was first alerted about stories of recovered flying saucers and little men by columnist Frank Scully in his bestseller book “Behind the Flying Saucers” [Amazon link], published in 1950. Scully claimed that there had been 4 of such recoveries up to that time and one was brought to the place around Aztec, New Mexico. It is noted by Scully that there were 16 humanoid bodies being recovered together with their undamaged spaceship.

Dr Gee and seven magnetic scientists from his group were called by the U.S. Air Force to conduct an examination of the mysterious craft that had made an emergency landing in eastern part of Aztec, New Mexico. After the apparent landing that happened in 1949, there have been reports about similar strange vehicle having seamless exterior, circular in shape measuring a hundred feet in diameter, aluminium in colour and seemingly durable.

The book has little descriptions about the occupants of the flying saucer but observations from Dr Gee are recorded on it. Dr Gee peered the inside of the craft through a hole in a porthole. He said that there were a total of 16 bodies with height ranging from 36 to 42 inches.

Dr Gee and his team took the bodies out from the craft and laid them outside on the ground. He said that they did a thorough examination of the bodies.

As described by Dr Gee, these alien beings were small in stature but well-proportioned, not similar to what is known as midgets. They were normal from every standpoint but their skin appeared to be charred a very dark chocolate colour. The team concluded that the charring had happened when these aliens were in space and their bodies had been burned because of the air coming in from the broken porthole window.

Scully said that they found two bucket seats in front of the instrument board and two little aliens were sitting there. The two had their face down on the board and the team did not find any instrument for destruction. The team also did not find any firearms of any kind.

Scully revealed that some of the bodies were dissected by Air Force’s medical team. He further noted that these little fellows were similar to human beings except for their teeth wherein no cavity or filling in any mouth was found. Judging on their teeth, the strange beings were about 30-40 years of age.

When it comes to clothes of these little beings, Dr Gee described that they all wore a dark blue garment with metallic buttons. As of the diet of these mysterious beings, Dr Gee said that little wafers were found on the ship. He explained that the wafers were used to feed guinea pigs and these aliens seemed to thrive on them. Two containers with water were found on the ship.

Dr Gee also told Scully that the aliens had sleeping quarters with toilet facilities.

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  1. Why do all these crashes happen in an area where there is no people no citys or houses and the millitary comes in and out and no one knows anything?<br />utter horse shit is right.

  2. Maybe the creatures (?) are trying to avoid crashing into populated areas if they know they are going down. And as to the military? We do have defense systems so they would see where anything would be coming down.And in an obscure area they wouldn&#39;t be noticed would they? I thibk the Pres. knows what&#39;s going on and that&#39;s why they all go gray haired while in office.

    • Your right this UFO stuff is a billion dollar industry ,<br />we think it my be real and people make up things all the time and no one can proof any thing and it gos on and on one of the few things we can lie about and say its true and get away with it.

  3. When people began to see so many celestial crafts … a frequency shift modified the veil separating the celestial realm from our visual reality … another shift will bring all this back into clear focus very soon … yet so much is happening beyond the frequency veil .. many crafts are coming and going from one or the other upper 4 open skylines of inner-dimensional realms …. each open skyline also

  4. wow!<br />If this isn&#39;t factual, then others are. I believe this happens all the time, except its not made public. Witnesses are threatened to keep quiet about hundreds of subjects..or else…

  5. wow.<br />I believe this happerns all the time but its kept from the public.<br />The PTB are known to silence certain subjects, even assassinating people if they feel like it – and I don&#39;t think this subject is any different…

  6. I read your comments all the time as I see it the ones who have seen some thing believe most is true the ones who have not seen anything do not believe anything they hear and see on the news…, so I will keep on looking up and hoping. Bigtime

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