Daytime UFO or orb filmed over Costa Mesa, California 10-Dec-2013

UFO videos – New footage of a bright object or orbs hovering in the daytime sky above Costa Mesa in California. This was taken on Tuesday, 10th December 2013.

Witness report: Filmed this from my deck at 1:30 pm on Dec 10, 2013. I spotted the object high above the telephone wires. It seemed to construct then deconstruct itself repeatedly in routine. At 0:48 and 1:36 the object changes shape very clearly. I filmed this with a Canon telephoto lens and extender reaching up to 800mm. Slow motion and digital zoom applied.

Author: Jim

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  1. I've gotta tell this story, kinda relates to this posting. I once worked (part time) in a science supply store. We sold good optics & accessories and I know how run a scope and was one of the guys in the optic section. I had people asking me, offering money for the alien/UFO secret. I have never said "i know", never claimed to be science professional. Turns out other staff had

    • how does your story relate to this posting of someone filming a large amount of balloons tied together , floating around? i understand your story, but it doesn't relate to the video.

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