Interesting UFO activity over Taylor Hill, Australia 7-Dec-2013

Submitted by: David
Sighting location: Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia
Date: 7th December 2013, 11.32am

Report: Multiple Squads of UFOs over Taylors Hill, Vic, Australia 7th December 2013
I was out for routine sky-watching at 11.30am on Saturday 7th December, 2013, when I witnessed a squad of four UFO’s flying north in the sky over taylors hill, Victoria, Australia. The objects can be seen joining with a separate squad heading east.

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  1. Yes these are balloons & birds. Why because balloons & birds both fly up & down, then across, back up n down again, go fast & then slow down. These ARE orbs, look up at night & just sit for awhile watching lights in the sky & you WILL see some move around… will see the same thing, there's heaps of them. Why…I have no idea but there up there!!!!!

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