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Your UFO reports: 23rd November –  30th November 2013
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Fresno, California – 1st December 2013
clear calm day. sony trv-103 about 30 times zoom. after the second object showed up both objects just seemed to vanish! both objects seemed to be high in the sky
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Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia – 30th November 2013, 4.38pm
Three UFO’s captured hovering in close proximity in the late afternoon, just south of Taylors Hill, Victoria Australia at 4.38pm, 30th November, 2013.

“Three UFO’s hovering over Taylors Hill, Australia 30th November 2013”

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Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia – 30th November, 5.23pm
Two UFO’s captured flying in close proximity over the skies of Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia at 5.23pm, 30th November 2013.

The objects were seen hovering closer to one another and then moving apart.

“Two UFO’s in formation over Taylors Hill, Australia 30th November 2013”

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Tustin, California – 11/28/2013
Pictures from videos


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Sacramento, California – 11-28-13
Driving home on I-5 going South around 6:30pm in Sacramento, I noticed bright objects to the west side, this object seemed unusual as it was stationary. This was not a plane nor a satellite. To the East side I and the other drivers noticed three cylindrical spheres, bright red and hoovering in the sky in a v-shape formation. Traffic slowed down to about 35 mph while observing these objects. There was movement by one of the object on the east side which caused the bright object on the west side to intensify in brightness. This lasted for a few minutes as traffic moved to a slow pace. Lights went out shortly after. Not sure what these objects were but sure got everyone attention while driving on I-5.

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Sunnydale, CA – 28/11/2013
A stunningly display bright blue pulsating lights moving high in the skies of Sunnydale had a family questioning what they were recording!

Witness Statement: At 6:50 PST on Nov 28, 2013, we spotted a cluster of about 12 blue lights in a line moving across the sky from west to east. I ran to get my camera, but by that time the lights were gone. About 15 minutes later, another blue light appeared, again moving from west to east. This is an unedited version of the entire video I filmed of it. Note that I use the term “UFO” in a literal sense. It was a flying object that I could not identify. I do not believe it was a space alien or secret government weapon. If anyone knows of an astronomical event that occured at this time, please leave a comment to shed light on the mystery.

The zig-zag motion of the object was a consequence of me shaking the camera. The object itself was moving very straight and steady, like an airplane. Occasionally in the video you can see a star in the background to give a sense of its apparent speed from my perspective.


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Irvine, California – 10:50 11/28/2013
I saw several lights circular some getting bright for 15 min blue and slight red
High altitude military jet came by after they were thier I’m sure it wasn’t stars but
I could be wrong if anyone else saw the same then I would be correct tool as much video as I could I saw at least 3

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South Waterboro, Me – 11/28/13 9:45pm

My friend and i were standing on my deck admiring the stars when i spotted a light that was an erie green. As i pointed it out to my friend the color changed to white then there were flashes of red. It moved very jerky to the left right up and down. It seemed to be over Shapleigh. No we were not drinking eventhough it is Thanksgiving night!!! Also a green something fell from the sky into my neighbor’s backyard. My camera could not capture the image.. I will try to film it as it is still there! It is now 10 pm
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Antwerp, Belgium – November 24th 2013
This is the same UFO that was seen by many belgians in the early 90’s.
also known as the BELGIUM TRIANGLE.
I filmed this one several times. This is the RAW footage of my last video.

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New Jersey – 10/23/2013
completely overcast skies, low lying orange light, moving from northeast to southeast….non blinking or any change in density…completely solid…no noise..not an engine could be heard…not too fast but silent and a straight line…lasted about 10 seconds…tried to follow as long as I could….Silent and low flying…no other colors…just a straight orange ball of light…..the first ufo I had seen since I was 15….but that one was 4 or 5 red lights rotating around a single blue light fixated in the sky for about 5 minutes….just sitting still……i’m truly speechless!!!

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Jeffersonsville, Indiana, U.S – 19/11/2013
WATCH IN HD 1080P -11/19/2013 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Right after sunset around 7:00 p.m. These orange orbs were amazing, they were not flickering or flashing. Like I point out my cell camera at night has a hard time focusing, and most lit objects seem to do flash. But the orange orbs were steadily lit. I could see that these were not Chinese lanterns, they moved to fast. It wasn’t windy at all, and I watched a couple of them completely turn away from others and fly to the right. Lanterns do not do this, and minutes after filming I watched a huge Blackhawk type helicopter, flying very low to the ground coming from the south. It was lower and faster than I have ever seen them flying. But the helo was seen flying straight towards the area where all of orbs originated from. I hope the truth will be revealed about these orange orbs, they are the most common and frequent UFO reports made. This was the second time seeing these. First time I only had seen one, this time there were about ten. They were amazing and remarkably beautiful

Youtube video link:

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Northwest Georgia – November 2013
See these multicolored balls of light in sky they move slowly back and forth. I have ttied taking pictures with Google goggles and there satellite apps . To see if it would say. It doesnt. Seen afew similar on you tube.l

I live in ga nw calhoun.. close to the ettowa indian mound’s .Lockheed Martin aeronautics is sbout .There out usually every night as well as a square platform thing that flies in the sky. But every time i try to lock my sndroid phone ATRIX 2 the camera never locks on it to film.crazy as it sounds. Thought maybe it was blimp or drone


Reno, NV – 5 PM 10/19/13 

My family and I were having a BBQ when I had a strong feeling to look up. The first part of the sky that I looked up at, the UFO was already there. It was as if the beings knew where I was going to look so that they could show up the moment I looked up. This happens to me a lot since I have already made a connection with them. It’s just a form of telepathy they use. They were dropping by to say, “Hi.”

Reno, NV is becoming a hot spot for UFOs. Many people have now witnessed them around the city. I have seen fleets of craft during the day and night. There are many different kinds of UFOs, including energy ships. The number of sightings I’ve been blessed with is probably close to a hundred!

Youtube video:

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Stradbally – july 2013
Photos taken at Denamase in stradbally.
Didn’t notice this till a couple of weeks ago.
If you look at the photo over to right.
There is something there.

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on dvd – 1970
Hello, this is more an alien report than a ufo report. As i so irewind and pause andwatched the railway childre on sky hd as the children walk out of the garden and into a walled field to the right of them i noticed a tree just behind the wall that looked as if it was sort of falling over the wall. So i rewound and paused play one frame at a time and i was astounded because what i see is a cloaked alien sat on the wall watching the film crew and its obviously a super advanced cloaking system. You can actually see its eyes and mouth andithink that because its in the shadow of a large tree thats why you can see a definite fuzzines around it as it gets down from the wall then as it moves into the sunlight it completely disappears . I can provide the the clip for you if you wish, i would just need to copy it from my sky box to my dvd recorder but i strongly recommend either hd or bluray to see for yourself. This looks fascinating to me and would provide undisputable proof that aliens are walking among us and this would be a big mistake on their part allerting us to their prescence in a different form other than ufos.

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  1. angel :they didn't show up because you happened to look in the spot. they were already there and if you have telepathy with them, like you claim, i would look into abduction theories. Nadean: i don't see anything to the right of the picture except rocks and grass.

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