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Your UFO reports: 30th November –  7th December 2013
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Canberra Australia – 8 December 2013 at 11:32
I spotted this oval shape object high in the sky moving very slowly in an East to South-West direction above the Woden district. It then stops and is stationary for more than an hour. (here is the link to the video…

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Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia – 7th december 2013, 5.37pm
“UFO “fastwalker” over Taylors Hill, Vic. Australia 7th December 2013 (IR 950nm)”
I was sky-watching out from my backyard at 5.37pm on the 7th of December 2013, when I saw a UFO zooming in and out of the clouds repeatedly. I observed for a number of minutes before the object descended and circled over my house.

“Strange “serpent” UFO over Taylors Hill, Vic. Australia 7th December 2013″
I was sky-watching out in my backyard at 11.30am on the 7th of December 2013, when I witnessed a UFO flying north in the sky over Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia. The strange object seems to have a reflective surface which outlines a transparent tail feature.

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Winston Salem, NC – December 5th 2013
i was going outside my back door to smoke and when i opened my door i saw a big bright light and it only lit up one part of the trees and sky and it was really bright and it was just right there and so i went outside and started to look around and see what it could be then it just vanished.I know it was not a car or light from the neighbors because there lights are not that bright. It was as if it was daytime in that one spot of the sky and trees for 5 seconds. when it disappeared it looked like it got smaller then was gone. There was no logical explanation for that and it surprised me so i didn’t get any photos.It was gone to quick.

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Antwerp, Belgium – december 3th 2013
After checking my videos i came across these 2 white Orbs flying nearby an airplane. Shot in bright daylight.

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Tucson, AZ – 30/Nov/2013
UFO,s or Satellite breakup – possible Satellite breakup to happen in the skies one Tucson Arizona member of the public took this amazing video! Clearly these are as high up as he sees with his own eyes hearing him mention “Satellite” while viewing, but what if it was not that satellite and what he was seeing was an Alien fleet?
Witness Statement: Some sort of material burning up in the atmosphere. We had perfect view but this video only shows about 1/4 of the entire show. It was spectacular.

Youtube video link:

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North Devon, UK – 23 Nov 2013 4:30pm
On 23rd November at approx 4:30pm I noticed from my home a very large very bright object sitting low on the horizon above Dulverton where I live. I watched it for some time and then decided to film it from my garden. Unfortunately, by the time I had decided to film it, it was dark and so the size of the object is not apparant in my film. I called my mother who lived 1.5miles away to ask if she too could see this strange thing in the sky. She was amazed by it too and I then over the next few days heard several other people who also had wondered what on earth it was. The object eventually disappeared after about an hour. I uploaded the film onto facebook and a friend of mine, decided to enhance it and slow it down and put it onto Youtube with the title ‘UFO over Dulverton, Somerset?? The next day I found on the internet many other accounts of people seeing strange objects in the sky that day and previous days and there was this article in the North Devon Journal with an amazing pic taken over a wind farm:
Here is my film:


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Nottingham, UK – 21/Nov/2013
Mysterious bright light moving across the skies of Nottingham UK had one resident baffled as to what it was!

Witness Statement: An object i caught on my mobile phone.. sorry for the shakes, it was really cold out and i was in my t-shirt… No idea what it is…. tried to explain the lights and even the movement of the object.. but there was no sound coming from it at all… very strange.


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Germany, Solingen – 7.10.2013 on Day
In the video you can see a (fake)plane that made unnormal chemtrails and have big lights around.The Chemtrail are a little bit later more than one spiral.
I have made a video from that all.

Here are the link.

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September 5, 2013, – near Savona, Italy
On September 5, 2013, two UFOs were seen near Savona (Italy).. Some people saw a strange bright object and have made a video. Intrigued by the finding, they informed about the video the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (C.UFO.M) whose president, dr. Angelo Carannante, has received the interesting video on the mail of official website,, and alerted the specialists of the research center. On official CUFOM youtube channel “CUFOMCHANNEL”, it’s possible to find the video about this interesting UFO sighting. News updates and further information about the results of the investigations will be given soon.

The President of the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM)
Dr. Angelo Carannante

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Joppa Maryland, Mountain Rd – 1973?
A group of us stopped the car with many others who pulled over to watch a group of UFOs put on an amazing show for about 20 min. It was amazing maneuvers that are just not possible with our technology. I remember coming to, crying and shaking standing at the back of the car not remembering getting out of the car. Later in life I was exposed to carbon monioxide and almost died. I woke up with a large glass like cylinder extending out of my chest area. I was not asleep, I watched as the black smoke like fog was sucked out of my chest up through the tube that extended up and out of the roof of the house. My hand went through the tube when I tried to touch what I was seeing, but it didn’t disturb the black fog being drawn out of my chest. It lasted about 10-15 minutes. I sat there amazed at what was happening but quite calm like I had no reason to fear. I’ll never forget what I saw and cannot explain it. I am a Christian and the realization that we are not alone does not affect my belief in Christ! Why are some so arrogant as to think we are Gods only creation here on earth?

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