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Your UFO reports: 21st December – 28th December 2013
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Los Angeles, California – 12/ 28/13 2:00 am
I was sitting down playing call of duty. Then I desided to go out side for a smoke. I live in the hills so I could see the hole city, it was clear as night can be. I got cold fast so I begin to jump up and down, I looked up to see this light above my house. It was a reddish color like a fireball. I new it was not a helocopter becase the light did not flash. A beem of light came flashing towered my foot, I moved as fast as I could away from the light. My heart began to race. The silence threw out the hills and the city scared me more then usually. The light came back from wher it came. The fire ball slowly moved left then like a beem of light disappeared.

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Eagle River, AK – 12.25.13 21:30
There were 2. Red in color,but appeared like a “flame”. No other colors.
Moved in the same area and appeared to be almost stationary.
A second one appeared & then went straight up. Saw them forabout 30min. duration.

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Newport Beach, CA – Dec 25, 2013, 3pm
Filmed this on Christmas day Dec 25, 2013 in Newport Beach CA. The session started with a small double orb flying by my deck. Once I followed it with the camera a flurry of orbs and rods came into frame. The video shows clear footage of multiple orbs flying around and various rods and cigar shaped ufos flying very fast. At 2:35 the video shows a breakdown of each ufo filmed. There were in total 5 different types. Digital Zoom and slow motion applied to get a closer look at the details.
Youtube video link:


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Irving,Texas – 12/24/13 8:00
We saw a object in the sky and it looked like a bowl the file had a similar thing but the 2 object/UFO where not there its the 2 that look like a handle any QS


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Edmonton U.S – 21/Dec/2013
Amazing Triangle formation with other objects appearing from thin air!

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Los Angeles, Alhamba area – dec. 2 & 11.2013
the first night dec,2 . at 2 30,my son ,my dad & i saw strange light changing colors< morphing , moving around in crazy dirrections. it appeared to have some force field or maybe from what powers it&; like when your pouring gas , the way it distorts the veiw, it had this all around it.saw it take off into space & return down close. tryed video on a tablet,bad idea, didnt come out well. but on the 11th i saw it again , but farther, got cannon camera, put it on video, first one abot 3 min , from far , clear strange moving < but on the second one about 1 into it remembered to zoom in, then it started looking really trippy, but after veiwing it some more later on, the camera you can go frame by frame 30 shots in a min, going through i noticed you can see a craft ! in a few diff, shots. seems like it morphs & changes blue before turning white ,where you see the shape ! will upload when i get some help, wondering if you can go through & catch more, very excited to get this & see; what i did,, thanks

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Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia – 2013
Here’s a Compilation of the finest UFO/ORB sightings captured in the last months of 2013 over Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia.

Youtube video link:

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St. Petersburg, Florida – about a year ago about 4 am
Its good footage i heard i videos have xray vision so it pick up thing my eyes couldnt see but i know is watch the whole video .but u will see objects cum from sky 2 the ground and go back up

Youtube video link:

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