UFOs Spotted by a Family in Mt Annan

Another apparent evidence that mankind is not alone in the universe was discovered above Mt Annan last week. Unidentified flying objects were witnessed drifting above the mountain.

A reader of Macarthur Chronicle has delivered photos of a strange light moving across the horizon, which were captured on Sunday, December 1, 2013 at 8:30 PM.

The reader, who only identifies herself as a local business owner and chooses not to be named, said the UFOs passed over their home and witnessed by her and her family.

She said the UFOs were in higher altitude than a helicopter could go and uniquely round, so she was certain that they were not planes or any sort. She added that they glided at high speed but without sound.

In detailed report, she said that the first object was a green glowing disc as she and her family watched it moved from Campbell town directly above Cascades and headed to Camden. It slowly travelled, enough for the family to watch it the whole time. The object maintained its speed and colour or shine, the reader said.

Five minutes later, the reader and her family witnessed more movements in sky as another UFO showed but white in colour this time and travelled the same route.

After they ran around trying to get a camera, red disc appeared. Moments later they saw white object travelled across the horizon in another direction.

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