VIDEO: Triangle-shaped craft flying over Naperville, Illinois 24-Dec-2013

UFO videos – New footage of a triangular craft flying across the sky above Naperville, a suburban city of Chicago, located in DuPage and Will counties in the State of Illinois. This interesting video was recorded on Tuesday, 24th December 2013.

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  1. Why the music? It just cheapens the videos and makes a mockery of this subject. If I wanted to listen to eerie music I would watch the X Files.

  2. why are there black lines going through the pictures. You never see black straight lines like this in the sky…its a fake.

  3. Its an airplane!!! In the large photo of the "object" one can see the fuselage, tail, & its port side wing.

  4. black lines – telephone lines outside<br /><br />agree with music it does make a mockery out of the subject, i&#39;m sick of fake video&#39;s, UFO&#39;s are real there is to much evidence all around our planet. Half the world needs to evolve and get a grip. <br /><br />We are an aggressive race, no wonder the UFO&#39;s keep them selves to them selves &#39;most of the time&#39; they are light

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