2013: Best UFO sightings by C.UFO.M.

UFO Europe

Submitted by: Centro UFOlogico Mediterraneo – C.UFO.M.

Sighting location: Europe
Date: 2013
The Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (C.UFO.M.), with headquarters in Italy, has posted on its youtube channel CUFOMCHANNEL, a video about the many UFO sightingsinvestigated by the Center during 2013. CUFOM ufologists have been considerably impressed by the great number of sightingsoccurred this year. The video has been prepared by the CUFOM president, Angelo Carannante, and a team of researchers; it consists of photos and clips and it is also possible to watch it on our website, sito www.centroufologicomediterraneo.it, where you will also find two previews of sightings not yet made public. During 2013 UFO investigated by CUFOM took place not only in Italy, but also in Malta and Spain. We hope that 2014 will be exciting and interesting as the last one.

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  1. black lines – telephone lines outside<br /><br />i am sick of the silly music on most UFO videos it does make a mockery out of the subject, i&#39;m sick of fake video&#39;s, UFO&#39;s are real there is to much evidence all around our planet. Half the world needs to evolve and get a grip. <br /><br />We are an aggressive race, no wonder the UFO&#39;s keep them selves to them selves &#39;most of

    • exactly right my friend. Except the part about them not wanting us to have technology. We are the technology, they keep trying to tell us. the electromagnetic field around the body works exactly the same as the field around these crafts. the technology of ufos was designed to mimic what the human body can already do. It&#39;s the truth, the human eye perceives only 1% of the spectrum, but through

    • Well said.and accurate. That&#39;s why I&#39;m stocking up ammo and survival gear. Me and da boys gonna show them bubble head sumbitches whos boss.

    • You&#39;re very welcome madam. Starting from bottom to top, we have: <br />Root chakra – corresponding to Hertz (our physical reality)<br />Sacral chakra- corresponding to Infra-red reality<br />Solar Plexus chakra- corresponding to Visible light<br />Heart chakra- corresponding to Ultra-violet<br />Throat chakra- corresponding to X-ray<br />Third-eye chakra- corresponding to Gamma<br />Crown

    • i notice you are so nice to everyone and you give them nice comments. yet i say one comment about you and you spew vitriol at me and tell me to get a life.

  2. as a hindu monk 40 +years who reads the vedas-sanskrit hindu books ufos-called vimanas they come in 4 shapes-sizes we say they are real !!!!!

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