Amazing UFO footage filmed over Taylors Hill, Australia 31-Dec-2013

australia ufoSubmitted by: David
Sighting location: Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia
Date: 31st December, 2013, 11.59am

Report: “Flying tree-shaped UFO 31st December 2013”
I thought this was going to be an epic sighting, then when I reviewed the footage I was like woah what is this… It looks like a branch towards the end of the footage, but a branch should have some weight to it considering how large it was, how did it get that high in the sky to begin with? I couldn’t see it with the eye either, when the footage cut out due to a cable fault, I chased after it but I saw nothing. The tail also glimmers as though it has a reflective surface and it appears to grow in length as the video progresses.

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  1. space debris falling to earth lot of junk floating in our solar system some if it must eventually float down at some point in time just a suggestion dont think its a typical ufo .

    • space debris would burn up in our atmosphere. if it makes it past the atmosphere it wouldn't be floating down, it would be coming in extremely fast and furious.

  2. It looks like the stem and top of a weed that got caught in the wind. If he couldn't see it with the naked eye, how did he film it? I think it was a lot closer than he says it was.

    • i was just going to ask the same thing. if he didn't see it with his eyes, what was he filming in the first place, and why did he chase after it? it's strange how people constantly contradict themselves here, makes the sightings less credible.

    • Because i'm using an Infrared 950nm filter on my infrared camera. If you were paying attention and were actually interested in filming UFOs you'd know that. Another 2 cents in your account paid by whoever is hiring you to go around discrediting people's findings. get a life.

    • david. i was paying attention to your film. at no point in your paragraph does it say you were using infrared film. YOU were the one who said you were filming something you couldn't see with your eye. YOU must have seen something to begin with since you chose to start filming in infrared. and if you started to chase it you must've seen something. i am not discrediting anyone here. i don&#

  3. &quot;i was just going to ask the same thing. if he didn&#39;t see it with his eyes, what was he filming in the first place&quot;<br /><br />Do you film with your eyes or with a camera? <br /><br />&quot;why did he chase after it?&quot;<br /><br />Because the footage cut out due a cable fault and I didn&#39;t want to lose track of it. I never said the camera malfunctioned. If I could only see it

  4. As a hindu monk I have stated here many times we know ufos (vimanas) are real, ok many my not be real but some are. our old books the vedas tell of them and we think some are coming here,, so some of you do not be to harsh on what you say, we are told they try not to show themselves !!

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