UFO sightings all over California 1-Jan-2014

california ufo

On New Year’s Eve, many people across the state of California witnessed strange lights and craft in the sky. Witnesses in Auburn, California saw a large egg-shaped object with a bright light slowly cruising across the sky before suddenly accelerating at a high rate of speed. Others witnesses in the Sacramento area saw bright lights in a triangular formation. The same “orb triangle” UFOs were also witnessed in Los Angeles the very same night.

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  1. People need to get ready for contact with our new friends coming from outer space. More sightings will be coming more often.

  2. I know they are out there, and I don't care if you think I,m crazy or not. Who or where do you think we came from? We were put here not by a God like we think of him, but by aliens as we call them. We are them, they are us. We are one.

    • You are confused and that&#39;s the way the powers that be like it. Don&#39;t be taken in by all this aliens are our creator B.S. If they are out there they just a bunch of slackers who happen to be a century or two ahead of us in technology…. not gods.<br />

  3. From all the footage I have seen, based on the movement &quot;patterns&quot;, size, duration etc, I believe these to be items know as &quot;Sky Lanterns&quot; or something extremely similar. I have sent many of these in the air with family over the last few years during family gatherings at our farm pond. Depending on air flow, they can either go straight up, or drift up to a number of miles away

    • That may be true, but can lanterns speed up to an accelerating rate of speed, then slow down again on a dime. No, I don&#39;t think so. Not even the air flow can make something do that. Maybe you need to open your mind a little more and just accept the fact that UFO&#39;s are real.

  4. I saw 6 military fighter jets fly over at this same time New Year&#39;s morning headed towards March AFB. Their exhaust burning bright orange as they went through numerous up &amp; down maneuvers kind of like what these reports say. I heard that the FAA was not aware of any activity but I live near Burbank, CA airport and they had to know because those jets were flying in commercial air space.

  5. Why do you guys even get on this site? I mean if you cant have an open mind why even go her? Is it because you want to see one? Well nows a good time if you live in california. Because ufos are all over the place right now for some reason. But, you have to be out late. Like after midnight like on New years eve. thats why there were so many sightings. I wanted to see them too. So I started looking

    • In my opinion the majority of the population now days are either medicated, intoxicated or high on something. Clear thinking rational minded people with open minds, healthy minds, with i.q. in excess of 90 are becoming dinosaurs. Why any sophisticated society with high intelligence would want to contact a race of simple minded vermin infested baboons living in squalor here is, well, the reason

    • i don&#39;t drink or take drugs and i am a clear-headed young 47 year old. i or you cannot begin to rationalize why an ET race would want to make contact with us. all i know is that the 4 ufo&#39;s i&#39;ve seen in my lifetime were chosen by those ET&#39;s to &quot;allow&quot; me to witness them. i can&#39;t prove it, have only one witness and know what i saw and believe. et&#39;s and ufo&#39;s

    • Yeah right! In your dreams. If they wanted to help and were above board with nothing to hide, they would land and show themselves.

  6. Keep in mind that there is a small cadre of federally funded professional debunkers who seek out UFO reports and fill comment boards with nonsensical explanations; if those don&#39;t work, they turn to profanity or lewd remarks.

    • people react that way to me on here all the time. when they run out of things to say they start to swear and use lewd remarks, just like you say. that&#39;s why comments are allowed here, to SPECULATE.

  7. They are here they watching on us and they dont like why wars on earth for what?? for nothing ? They are here for Peace on Earth they have telepatic ability and they choose people to make contact check my Real Contact on YouTube : theyhere2012 belive me to all people on Earth this is real proof video just check!!!

  8. Mendocino county. Near point Arena. Shortly after midnight a extremely bright light like 1000x brighter than headlights appeared on a nearby hill. It shined west towards my house for about five seconds then shined east for a few seconds . Then it was gone without a trace. Just after a huge aura appeared near the point Arena air force station a old radar facility a few miles away. This aura

  9. UFO&#39;s are real, if your small minded and don&#39;t believe all the video footage or evidence all over our planet then get of this website and stop calling everybody on the forum! <br /><br />Janet &#39;allowed&#39; to see them please explain because that&#39;s amazing!

  10. Here&#39;s what I know as fact! They are not what you think! If you follow them and do as they say you will be damned! Religion is based on faith and faith is strength and power! Right now our govt and local leaders are trying to disarm us. Its already happened in the UK. We live in a world of false truths. I believe that the earths before us were as high tech as we are today but in a different

    • Why do people always have to bring God into this conversation? Seeing Ufo&#39;s does not mean there is no God or that a person does not believe in God. But, the religious fanatics bring this up all the time. I also believe in God, but I also believe that God did not only make just one race of people. With this vast universe with billions of other planets in it, God also created life elsewhere too

    • I agree with Anonymous, I believe that they are here and have been for centuries. It say God created heaven and the earth and all things. So why not expand your mind to accept the possibility that God created these visitors also?

    • I personally have seen several of these objects. First one was in 1969 in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas on a starry night. Another one in Great Falls Montana while I worked at NORAD at Malmstrom, AFB. We were told then by the C.O. on duty that night to file it in the circular file.aka: trash can. This was after two F4 Phantoms were scrambled out of a base in Canada to intercept. They never

  11. They are trying to enlighten you all<br />It does not matter whether you do or don&#39;t think they exist<br />It does not matter where they come from<br />At least you are all thinking, and are mystified<br />That is good<br />Seek and you will find<br />Knock and the door will be opened

    • Explain that. In what way are &#39;they&#39; trying to enlighten us?<br />Seems to me more man/woman hours have been wasted for at least 60 years on this phenomenon, without any definitive facts as to what who or &quot;they&quot; are! Boring!

  12. Because we have free will. You must choose to believe. Truth is everywhere, but you wont see it unless you open your mind to the possibility that anything can happen, and that, to a certain degree, everything is true.

  13. I want to see this with my own eyes, but I&#39;m willing to believe. <br /><br />All jokes aside, quite frankly I think they&#39;re just trying to inspire us, taunting us with their cool aircraft. <br /><br />Contemporary scientists see how their aircraft can maneuver, and will have to come up with news ways (at least compared to today&#39;s standards) of affecting the same results.

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