Daytime UFOs: Triangle formation over France 23-Jan-2014

UFO sightings 2014 – Daytime video of a triangular formation hovering in the sky above France. This was recorded on 23rd January 2014.

Witness report: I filmed a beautiful clear triangle formation in the blue sky, during a nice morning in the countryside. I’m still wondering if it’s an orb formation or one single transparent ship spying the area. If there are some experts about UFO formations, please tell me!Type ➫ Triangle UFO
Scale ➫ Unknown
Duration ➫ 52 seconds
Color(s) ➫ White
Light(s) ➫ 3 bright lights
Speed ➫ Medium
Filmed with ➫ SDR-S70

Author (WTFflow @ youtube)

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  1. lovely clear shot. Fascinating, these triangles, though there is often another orb some distance away. Certainly not planes or copters, I'd be interested to know what the 'not alien' voters think this is?

    • I think these are the new plasma devices that the USA, certain NATO countries and China have developed. The small orb that is seen with these is a remote controled device that can project a holographic image that is formed out of plasma. These vehicles can gather intelligence information and are used as psychological weapons to intimidate and confuse the enemy.<br />

  2. Consciousness and energy in synchronization, timing is perfect because they&#39;re using thought to communicate. it&#39;s not a single object they are independent however connected as a single whole as though consciousness split itself apart 3 times.

  3. its the tr3b new american triangular craft designed in 1990 s the are transparent in daylight with just the tip lights showing great shot well done sir .

  4. Great spot and vid, 3 is the magic number. Look back in history of the unexplained including the bible. 3 is very relevant.

  5. Wonder if this bunch who endeavor to create triangles in the air and pyramids on the ground have triangular heads to accommodate their obsessive compulsion to create triangles ?

  6. cannot tell anything from what i see, my first thought is that its too clear footage, and should check seriously the original footage, make pixel peeping at first, that way I could tell what are the spots of light, otherwise any opinion bout that is just speculation cos something like that can be very easy made in post production

  7. I reported seeing this very same equilateral triangle over St.Louis Missouri on June 14th,2014 on the National UFO reporting site. The lights simultaneously went out after viewing them about four minutes. I too noticed that the thing seemed to be invisible in the inner space.

  8. unité de l’espace des troupes soviétiques a créé la lumière et pas seulement repérer-éducation par satellites et ces taches déplacé à grande vitesse, et les Américains étaient en panique. Sur youtube com est la reconnaissance des troupes russes. Crop Circles – créés en utilisant un rayonnement infrarouge.

  9. Space unit of Soviet troops created light and not just spot-education through satellites and these spots moved with great speed, and the Americans were in a panic. On youtube com is the recognition of Russian troops. Crop Circles – created by using infrared radiation.

  10. J’ai vu exactement la même chose vers 22h15 un soir du mois d’août 2013 au dessus du lac d’Annecy en haute Savoie .Les points lumineux étaient rouge orangé et il était sur que c’était un seul et même engin .Immobilisme total pendant cinq à sept minutes puis mouvements synchronisés des points et coupure instantanée alors que l’on devinait très bien la présence de l’engin ….Ce triangle noir est partit soudainement pour laisser place à son emplacement à la nuit étoilée …..

  11. bonjour .au sujet de l’appariyion d’un ovni triangulair observe en janvier 2014 ¨J”ais vu exactement la meme chose en 1967.C”eyait a liege en belgique,vu lanuit vers 2 heures du matin.Je comprend que vous soyez resté anonime carquand je disais que j’avais vu le phenomene inexpliqué jusquas aujourd’hui on ne me croyais pas et parfois les gengs se demandais si je mentais et pir certains croyais que j’avais eut des visisions.Deux autres temoins avait vu aussi l’ovni a bruxelles et a anvers.Jee l’ais apris par la presse lz surlzndemain.

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