UFO dropping spheres over Brazil 24-Jan-2014

Interesting footage of a unidentified flying object dropping some kind of spheres over Brazil. This was seen and recorded on Friday, 24th January 2014.

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  1. great video. very still, considering it is in zoom lens.<br />can&#39;t wait to hear the non-believing idiots try to explain this one.

    • offending words in posts are pointless, so please learn not to call people who has different opinions from yours &quot; idiots&quot;, it is not just about being polite, it does show arrogance mostly, it does not make you look as a nice person too

    • Well I&#39;m not a non-believer, but I don&#39;t think it would make me an idiot if I were. But I think it&#39;s something burning, and possibly held aloft by either helium balloons or a large structure similar to a Chinese lantern, as the material burns away, (possibly plastic bag) pieces start to drop off.

  2. first i dont see anything &quot;dropping&quot;, i just see sort of a balloon with lights, probably man made, since i dont imagine any reason for aliens traveling around in such a fancy machine…just with a few lights hanging from the bottom of it, how u can say thats a spaceship remains a mystery..but u welcome to see also flying donkeys please

    • I don&#39;t think it&#39;s an Alien craft, but then I wasn&#39;t there. <br />And I would like to see a flying donkey. I have seen flying elephants but I think was the tequila.

    • Thought provoking video. But I would like more details. I am not an unbeliever but wonder what the Agenda is of these Beings. I&#39;m sure it&#39;s not all government, but they know more than they tell.<br />Maybe we are &quot;Disney World &quot; or some Horror Thrill , to them and they can&#39;t directly interact.. There seems to be many different types of craft. Where are they from? There just

  3. weird phenomena looks like an underwater glowing type species im undecided on the nature of this object seen nothing of its kind on ufo sightings before bizarre to say the least im unconvinced that its a true ufo . could be floating debris from an old ship we.ve sent up .? otherwise juries out .

    • I just meant that in my opinion there r no people in opposite sides..there r just governs ( might be those r the arrogant ) not telling us whats going on, but those governs represent people too…I wrote u to measure words cos words have a weight they teached me so, plus I tell u I totally believe we r visited by extraterrestrials and for this reason i think we should be very cool and critical in

  4. I BELIEVE IN ALIENS UFOS ETC BUT IN MY OPINION THIS DEF ISNT AN INTERPLANATERY CRAFT . ive seen many ufos myself in the scottish skies different types but this one thats been sent in is baffling to say the least im open minded am sitting on the fence with this one folks .

  5. with all these different things being seen all over the world, some appear to be solid while others are &quot;lights&quot;. I believe many are advanced terrestrial tech. However, I also believe we are being visited. From the variety observed, it makes me wonder if many different entities are gathering for some kind of show, as cars of different models appear at drive-ins.

  6. seen hundreds of these same spheres but only they were flying back to the mother ship which did not stay in one location but was quick as a bat picking up the spheres in a fast motion, Then suddenly stopped as if sensing our witnessing this event, a errie silence flowed and the air became very still and a greenish hue enveloped the truck we were sitting in and can hear and see pieces of gravel on the roadway we were parked on roll individually at a fast pace across the groundand then a light appeared further behind the house we were visiting. There is nothing back there but bush and the light got bigger and brighter and my friend got upset as I kept asking him, whose house is there and he was annoyed at having to repeat himself over and over that there is nothing back there but bush and went back into the house from which we came.The other fellow I was with is a Christian rock musician and started speaking in tonques I suppose, now this was freaking me out and yelled at him to get us out of there. AS we drove down the hiway the larger craft followed us and when we arrived the craft hovered over our hesds as we exited our vehicles and buddy jumped in his own truck and blazed out of there. I was missing a hour and a half of time not accounted for. The friends I was with that night have seen each other once since that night and refuse to talk abi=out it and ignore my calls. This occurred in Aug 2004 I believe.

  7. I had the notion aliens are from god.
    The reason being maybe god is testing governments around the world and finding if friend or foe to new visitors.

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