Human Race Can Get More Advanced Technologies in Medicine and Agriculture from Extraterrestrials

Former defense minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer, was the honorable guest of Sophie Shevardnadze on the RT interview show SophieCo and discussed about UFOs and extra-terrestrials.

Hellyer has been strongly believing for years that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth through their spaceships and he has been public about it. In fact, on several instances, he said that UFOs are real as the aircraft that fly across the horizon. When asked to explain about it, he stated that he knows that they have been visiting Earth for thousands of years.

Paul HellyerWhen it comes to technology, Hellyer said that extraterrestrials are light years ahead than mankind’s technology and most of the things that humanity have learned are coming from these aliens such as microchips, led lights, Kevlar vests and many more. He added that more technologies can be acquired from these aliens, especially in the fields of agriculture and medicine if people would go about it peacefully. However, he noted that some people are more interested in getting military technology which he considers as wrong-headed and that is one of the things that people should change in order to work together, everywhere on the planet.

When asked about the possibility of interstellar war, he said that invasion or something like it is very possible if human race shoots down every alien UFO that enters into the airspace without knowing their identity and what they want. He further stated that creation of Star Wars force is not necessary and could be useless considering the advanced technology of these aliens. Additionally, he said that these aliens have no intention to harm human beings because if they want, they did it long time ago without any trouble. He suggested that working together with extraterrestrials is a better move than creating human Star Wars force so that people would be contributing something to them at the same time.

Hellyer was one of many witnesses with great reputation who took to the witness stand during the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in May 2013 in Washington, DC. He then said that aliens are living in planet Earth and at least two of them are working with the U.S. government. He was also one of the honorable speakers at the 2011 International UFO Congress.

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  1. Yeah, blame the humans–it will be all our fault if they wipe us out. But if we bend over they will give us wonderful toys, as they are taking over our planet. It's kind of that way with the Mafia, too. If you don't make any waves and give them whatever they want, they will bless you with more money, more customers, or whatever it is you particularly want.

  2. If the slackers are out there they probably have as much in common with humans as we do with Baboons. In other words benevolence toward primates by humans is not exactly in great supply is it ? We might make a worthy zoological attraction for them. Lessons in humility for those with god complexes is an eye opening experience.

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